Penguin Chat 3 Remake

UPDATE 2012: PENGUIN CHAT 3 REMAKE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. I should have told you guys a long time ago, but i lost the files and the server well over a year ago. I’m sorry. Please visit the home page to continue reading updates on what the hell we are doing with this site now!

Click Here to play IPC (IPenguin Chat) V1

Click Here To play Penguin Chat 3 Remake beta 1

Penguin Chat is a game made by rocketsnail games in about 2003. There were previous versions, experimental penguin, penguin chat 1 and 2, and penguin chat 3. There were also goat chat, crab chat, tv chat, and more.

Change Log:

Penguin Chat 3 Remake Released 08/10/10

What I’m going to add:

More rooms (town, coffee shop, dance club, boiler room, and snow room.

Change Color and Become Ninja


all swf's used in this game are copyright 123kirby 2009-2010. Do not
use any of the swfs without proper consent from 123kirby or your
website WILL be shut down and the game removed.


179 Responses

  1. err…. you cant move….

  2. I’m fixing that, sorry…

  3. Why wont u move and why doesn’t it show other peeps?

  4. also the only room is the igloo

  5. I’m working on it kaylee. I’m making it to where you can move, and im adding more rooms (town, coffee, dance, and snow room)

  6. when you leave the igloo the music keeps playing, even after you disconnect.

  7. Alright, i’m going to fix that right now, thanks!

  8. Hey guys, i’m releasing the whole penguin chat with all rooms, and being able to walk THIS WEEK! So keep checking back!

  9. ill help test it

  10. Alright, I’ll email it to you soon!

  11. AHH! It turned BLUE?!?!? Ok, i’m fixing that now.

  12. when is the other stuff going to be added?

  13. I’m talking to a guy about that now. He’s helping me with coding.

  14. Its been a long time and you still cant move have a player card and you hav’nt put all the rooms or games

  15. First of all, there is no playercards in penguin chat. I played it back in 2004. And there were also no items, games, puffles, and more. And I am working with summit27 right now to add walking and the other four rooms.

  16. yo!i no loads of ppl have said tis, but z music keeps playing wen u leav igloo, u cant move, u cant c any1 else and u cant move.

    i think u should be able 2 make a proper account, be able 2 save coins and have a player card, get clothes, and som other stuff.

    ps i am @S0/\/\£!

  17. I know. I was working on fixing it but my computer crashed. And the original penguin chat didn’t have player cards, coins, or games. I am learning action script, So I will try and have it 100% done by 2011. It wasn’t scheduled to come out till then anyway.

  18. kk 🙂 ur safe man!

    fr0m z 1 and only
    ur |)£/\T\-/ and D£STR0CTIO/\/

  19. everyone whos e-mailing club penguin and telling them to remake penguin chat 3, its hopless, because the people ur emailing didn’t create penguin chat 3. penguin chat 3 was made by a small company named rocket-snail in 2003. after a few years they made club penguin, which was later bought by disney, who is planning to eventualy make club penguin only for members. And Penguin chat 3 is long gone. I’m planning on making a full version of penguin chat 3 and a full old version of club penguin. Release date is late 2011, but most likely it will be done before then. 😦

    123kirby: Thank you, I have been trying to say that for a while now.

  20. Ok guys! I got the penguins to be able to walk now, so I only have to add other rooms. I would have had it released last month fully, but my computer crashed, and now we have a new laptop! I will try to get it released by friday!

  21. lol yo…

    cant wait till updates 🙂
    i waz just wandering if u had a ROBLOX account or dead frontier account…
    if u do, ill addz u 🙂
    ps no im not advrtisin webs! lolololololololololololololol

    /\/\| /) () \= \_ ( () |) \ (- \) GOEZ SOI SOI SOI SOI ROFL ROFL!
    / \

  22. No I do not, sorry.

  23. WASSABI!?!

    plz i wants 2 no web link 2 penguin chat 4 (dont lie, i seen ur vid 🙂

  24. Please link to the video. There are some posers of me out there, you know.

  25. thats 1 of z links, but i remeber 1 with u init and a ova p33p. couldnt refind it.
    cya dude!!!

  26. i found a awesome penguin chat go to ITS THE BOMB!!!

  27. My friend summit27 made that.

  28. It’s the best PC remake I ever saw !!! NIce work 123kirby, Lake5 and Luke (sorry if I missed anyone)

  29. Which one? I didn’t make one of them.

  30. i cant see other people because my friend went on the same server as me and i didnt see him. HELP

  31. hello thank you for this and how did you post this to your site.

  32. I just made the page. The swf is externally hosted in

  33. If you try and use any emote, it shows up as the 😀 face. Say you try to use the skull emote (I just wanted to see it again, because I miss it so much) Nope. Shows up as :D. Plus, a little suggestion: There should probably be more than one joke.

  34. Great suggestions, I am working on Beta 2 now, and I am adding a ability to walk.

  35. Hello, I like the ipc but there is only one page

  36. When will we be able to chat with other people? Plus, how can people become mods?

  37. My old computer crashed, so I lost it all, but I am rebuilding the game better than ever. I am adding several smartfox servers to the game, plus walking, more rooms, moderators, etc. Don’t worry, it will be out soon. As I said before, due to popular demand, it had to come out earlier. The game was originally intended to come out mid 2011.

  38. when is it gonna be able to walk!

  39. I already said, Early 2011.

  40. the penguin chat 1 is a big fake , its a screen with a fake unclickable play button on it

  41. On my version it is clearly clickable. You may be using a different version.

  42. the way you put ‘your web WILL be shut down’ makes you seem like an idiot with no life ^_^

  43. Jordan, I know its you by the IP…
    I personally don’t like people taking stuff I made. If you spent forever making something, and someone stole it, you would be pretty pissed off too.

  44. I really need u too do this remake!! XD

  45. You can’t copyright things in PC3! You don’t own it!

  46. Actually, I do own the name PC3O, and I recreated the game, therefore I own the remake. You are right in a sense, but I did not get the original SWF. I changed the name to PC3O so I would not get in copyright trouble.

  47. Ummm Are U Still Working On This???

  48. Totally! Go to, to sign up.

  49. there is nothing but a big blue penguin in its iggy

  50. i tried the 2009 one even though i is 2011 it didnt work so i did 2011 its relley dumb because i coudnt choose my color or get the ninja penguin plz fix that too

  51. okay I went on this last december and NOTHINGS CHANGED!!!!!!

  52. You have to go to the new website for it, if you read my (123kirby’s) newest post,I am completely redoing this website. I guess I forgot to update this page, but you need to go to to play the newer version.

  53. If you are playing Summit27’s version, he gave up. The new PC3 is in and will have membership, items, more rooms, colors, etc.

  54. the only color is blue

  55. plz be done in early feb. or somewhere around today i just found out about it yesterday

  56. I don’t have a deadline, but I am thinking it will be done March.

  57. why not put a map?

  58. ok have it done on march 18 for my birthday present my birthday is march 18

  59. There wasn’t a map in the original PC3.

  60. I can try 🙂

  61. please finish this soon I used to play penguin chat 3 and I REALLY miss it.

  62. Making a game takes time. I can’t just rush it, it will turn out horrid.

  63. tu pagina es puta fin de mi comentario

  64. No entendía su comentario. Dígalo por favor otra vez, y si es posible, en inglés.

  65. What?

  66. lets just be grateful he is recreating our fav game before disney fucked it up bad

  67. ok your right disney messed it real bad

  68. how do you download cp blizzard in this site

  69. hey thats pretty darn good even tho i dont like club penguin): but when i log in its just a white screen with flags, i can only click on the flags to move and the only room is an igloo, cant see any other ppl, pretty cool anyways 😀



  72. weres the town?

  73. there isn’t one but hes adding one

  74. booooooooooo

  75. i aint bein against U here , but shuttin down peoples websites? doing that should get YOUR site shutdown!! and if you do that , people will h8 U , just sayin , also , the download link for cp tycoon doesnt work 8,-(

  76. i named my penguin Unknown! haha 😀 but still it is boring + the butt is too big

  77. boring. boring! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  78. plz just make it EXACTLY like cp p.s. make the boilr room mor better

  79. thank u lake5 for trying to put a map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. on the first try on doing an emote for example if u try to do 😉 then 😀 will show up

  81. here are funny names for u to name ur penguin 1.Unknown 2.Barak Obama 3.fuuygdutur 4.thanks 5.@!#$ 6.antsinpants123 7.1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./ 8.8. 9.martha speaks 10.nebr

  82. sorry, the bad word one doesn’t work

  83. on the first room u cant dance u can but after it jumps it stops

  84. Lake5 rocz!

  85. New one: here
    The shutting down sites is perfectly legal, coinsiding with the fcc.

  86. You sure do comment a lot.

  87. HELLO I CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT I WANT NO MEMBERSHIP :-] p.s. can i be a mod on it

  88. umm no rooms only igloo???

  89. i like commenting

  90. can u put games its boring with no games

  91. also, the “ive been delayed” song is annoying

  92. WHEN IS IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ TELL MEH

  93. 2 things-When is the new version coming out?Also Ive been delayed song is great!!!!!!!Im listening to it on youtube right now!!!!!!!

  94. Umm, the web site is not published.

  95. Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im on cp blizzard AND IT ROCKS!

  96. rate this i played the 2 one 1 one broke:(

  97. i cant move around. how can i move? i cant even click where i want to walk. what am i gonna do?


  98. o my god cp blizzer dso awsoume right its my favoret trianer

  99. hello my is angie nos e si lo abre escrito bien soy española sabes ole
    ablen es español

  100. Only the second one works and it is not that fun. And if you get on it and another person gets on it the other person will not show. So how are you gonna add the new stuff on there.

  101. Uh Ihn555? He knows he doesnt own it. Rocketsnail gave EVERYONE permission to remake it.

  102. hey there should be celebrities in pc like rockhopper!

  103. hey lake5 is it out YET?

  104. republish it

  105. Heyy! Its rlly cool but can u plz try and make it so u can move?

  106. -can’t move
    -small amount of rooms
    -whenever you leave the igloo, the music keeps playing. Once you go back in, it plays again and overlaps the other music.

  107. um i cant access the ipc

  108. there is nothing

  109. OMG the owner hansnt been on for like 1 year and he wont make any changes. DONT BOTHER

  110. when is it out!!

  111. m

  112. hola

  113. You can only say jokes and talk! No penguin card! IPC (IPenguin Chat) V1 dosent work

  114. dude u cant walk

  115. i tried to go on it 2 times and it worked but i couldnt see my other penguin

  116. Hey Um… I REALLY FOUND pc3. go to for more info. This is 100% real.

  117. y is the video private???

  118. Fix this,not working.

  119. IPC doesn’t work! 😥

  120. Hi, Im gabe newell, and Is defintly worth the wait!!!


  122. Is Gaben

  123. Hi Im Gabe Newell and Is Worth The Weight

  124. Uhh the first one the IPC it said page not found and it said if you are the owner of this site, please enter you’re adress please fix it I am to sad! 😦

  125. 404 page not found

  126. the first penguin chat 3 doesn’t work.

  127. It’s Hopeless to get PC3 back! PC3 was made by Rsnail companies!

    Made around 2003 people still try to bring the popular Penguin Chat 3

    Back online for the rest of the world to play!

    I too want it to be back but i know 2 things! Rsnail quit Club Penguin along with Screenhog!

  128. … Apparently i got a PC glitch and i ment to edit it to 1 thing! but you can make it 2 things i guess

  129. i cant watch it

  130. 😦

  131. (cd)

  132. i cant go on it it says i cant i can only go on guest fix it!

  133. its ipc that i cant go on


  135. i cant move. STILL!!!!

  136. When I clicked tell a joke on penguin chat remake 3 beta 1,all it said was you dont have to cry and penguin chat 1 dosent exist anymore. Rsnail took it out 😦 .

  137. 404 this webpage does not exist wat da hek 😦

  138. O.o

  139. it says 404 not found

  140. Guys go on the second one it works !!!!!!!!!!!


  142. hate this i really wantd to go to the 1st one!

  143. i wonder what will happen this time

  144. hey it works perfect. . . and when i went to picto games and played this truman123456 was there. . . because this game was RECREATED BY HIM!

  145. I know it’s hard not going to IPC. . . my uncle (friend)Micheal. . .well his mom used to have this computer but his mom said if he did what ever she said to him she would give this to him. . . but instead he gave it to me and my brother!


  147. it would be good if your acount was saved you could move and get clothes

  148. gfvnugh

  149. stupid website

  150. i dont like

  151. Little boy….go away 😡

    Sent from my iPod

  152. 😦 is my no is wed is paginy is pengin chat 3 no

  153. I appreciate your efforts on making this

  154. could you make a snow shadow fire and water dojo oh even a secret dojo to have all the ninja powers

  155. you still can’t move

  156. It donsent seem to quite work but only 1 works?


  158. Your an idiot.

  159. why does it have 3/4 rooms only?
    its wierd

  160. the ICP dosent do anything

  161. LAKE 5! Please answer me!
    Where are the Penguin Chat files? I could rebuild if you gave them to me!

  162. I’m sorry, I wish I could send them to you, but my computer crashed that they were on several years ago.

  163. Uh….Er….Yeah when i tried to go on it said the site didnt egsist ://

  164. lovely

  165. Why Can’t it move?!

  166. Oh yeah, can you make it exist?

  167. @Janna, no I cannot.

  168. Umm, The iPC one isn’t working. Also, on the PC3 remake, you can’t move and there needs to be more rooms.

  169. Hrmm… ICP is not working PC3 does not really work either

  170. Never played PC# now ill try it. (even though you said its not working)

  171. It’s not working! 😦

  172. The Penguin chat 3 that we found on Google was FAKE!! Because we can’t move! 😦

  173. it dosen’t work!!!

  174. i don’t care

  175. 123kirby’s copyright ? hahaha! Rocketsnail is the real owner and I’m pretty sure you didn’t make anything of it. All you did was put them up on your blog.

  176. this is so werid but i like it lol

  177. cant move

  178. i can’t move also it only has 1 joke!!! please fix this

  179. cant move and when you do a face it does the happy face first and every thing is mostyl white add some color and it just has 1 joke and you cant move whos with me?

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