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Updated November 5, 2012

This website has been sitting here unused for a little less than a year now, most of the stuff is outdated, but it still gets over 300 views per day (on average). If you want to help contribute to this website, then you can apply for a job below. Once I fill in all the positions, I will most likely be leaving, popping in once or twice a month to check on things. Please apply, and fill out all the things required! Please, comment the following information below.

Title: Job Application


Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?

Are you new to blogging?

Why I want a job:


Please remember to provide a legit email with your comment, so I can actually add you as a user. Kthx.

Jobs available:

contributer: 3 available

Website Design admin: 1 available

Graphic Designer: 0 available

admin: 1 available


172 Responses

  1. Hi I’m Splash Peng. I would love to be your Banner Desiner. I make alot of banners and I’m really good at drawing penguins on paint. Check out my websites banner. Heres the link,
    Edit: Ok, great! I will send you an email sometime soon with instructions!

  2. hi i was wondering if i could have a jobi have never had a website befor but im reallly usefull and if u ever make a youtube video i would love being in it cause im a actor
    Reply: Uh, sure. What job would you like?

  3. Hi Im 100 flames i have alot of expierience with cp cheats ive made a few programs myself but anyways,i would love to be your website designer i do have a blog its my clubpenguin username is 100flames so thats all for me thank you very much. 🙂

    Okay you can. I will send you an email

  4. i love to work for you

  5. umm 123 kirby u sent me an email but when i clicked activate it said the page on the site didnt exist

    ADMIN: Click Here
    If that doesn’t work, comment again.

  6. i tried that and it still didnt work

  7. i think u gave me the wrong link cause it says the page doesnt exist

  8. plz help me man u gave me the same link twice and the link doesnt work when i got to the page it says page does not exist plz email me the right link

  9. dude to add me as an admin all u have to do is go to where it shows ur blog then put in my email address and wat job u want me to have thrn ur done
    ADMIN: I know how to do it.

  10. Dude, i did! The page is private. it doesn’t work, sorry. I added you as an admin.

  11. so wen are u gonna put me as the designer

  12. lol my bad u already added me as an admin im sorry i just forgot to check my email and the site
    its fine, lol

  13. Desired Username: Burley10
    Club Penguin Username: Burley10
    Are you new to Blogging: No. I’ve had my blog for a little over 3 years now.
    Why I want a Job: Because I have had my site for awhile and it never really took off because it was hard to do everything by myself. Now I can help run an awesome site with many people which makes it alot more fun and easier. I would really like to be an admin because I have alot to offer, but I can live without it since theres no openings. I can be a Website Designer or a contributer. I know this isn’t an option but I am really good with making Trainers and have alot of things I can help with and add to Penguin Typhoon. I have my own too. Hope I can help!

  14. Desired Username: Pengi Mike3
    Club Penguin Username: Pengi Mike3
    Are you new to Blogging? Yes i made mine about 4 weeks ago.
    Why i want a job? I want a job because i see this place very day and i say i’d love to be apart of this website.I would love to be a tracker designer because i have seen Rockhopper,The Penguin Band and Candence. And i see famous characters alot thats why i would be perfect for the job
    123kirbys says…Alright, you can be the tracker designer, but you need a account. Make when and email me at

  15. i also have a nother blog now it is

  16. hey i’l love to have a job im new to bloging but i hack cp alot my username is pengwno7 plz give me a job i will give you all my cheats

    Admin:um Ok wat job would u like?

  17. Desired Username: Trainer Maker

    Club penguin username: Shamair29

    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?
    Are you new to blogging?
    Why I want a job:
    I want this job so I can be part of this blog and get traffic
    and I’d love to be a Tracker Maker

  18. wait the job i wanted was trainer maker

  19. 100Flames:Umm cpcheatspopup ill have to talk to the site owner about that because he already makes trainers hisself

  20. ok

  21. Desired Username: Uroc
    Club Penguin Username: Uroc
    Do You Have A Blog: Kinda, I Used To Be The Main Owner But, I Got To Busy, Handling Ads, Thinking, Making Trainers, So I Sold, But I Still Go On Everyonce And A While. So Yes! Alot!
    Why I Want This Job: I Love CP. I Won’t Be Doing Much Posts But I Can Do The Contests, Especailly Where You Win Trainers! I’ll Advertise You. As Long As You Advertise Me And I Can Also Give ALOT Of Trainer Codes If You Need Them!
    123kirby: Ok, i added you. You are a contributer. I can upgrade you if you wish.

  22. i had a job entry and still no reply 😦

  23. I thought i emailed you about it. Let me try again.

  24. luke send me at

  25. Luke i make simple trainers such as Membership Gens and TEMP mod and membership. for simple penguins i reccomend downloading my simplest Memebrship/Mod Trainer!

  26. i ccs46 please vist my site

  27. Desired Username:ccs46
    Club penguin username:ccs46
    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one? yes its
    Are you new to blogging?no not relly
    Why I want a job becuse i want to be incharge of the comiets. please emal me a

  28. My dream name is Rockhopper

    My current username is SFA Bruins.

    No i’ve never had blogging experance but i love clubpenguin.

    Yes im new to blogging.

    I dont know how to make trainers and stuff but i can download and be in videos too for youtube.

    I want this job because i’ve never had a job before so im really curious about this job and i want my first job to be with something i love.

  29. sorry can i join i may have let you down last time but i had other cp cheats to post and do that stuff so 123 kirby give me a second chance

    123kirby: Sure! Your forgiven, I just try to delete inactive members.

  30. my website is i work hard i am just hpoing you are willing to give me a chance

  31. can i please can i have anothier chance please

  32. I will see, but be prepared to wait up to a week before a response. I am very busy lately!

  33. yay thanks a bunch

  34. my username desired is zak12235 my cp username is zxcvbnm122 or for example the bottom row of the keyboard plus 122

  35. Sorry, not enough information to make you an account. We don’t have any job oppenings currently, So I will email you when one opens.

  36. Desired Username: gazzymay12345

    Club penguin username:gazzymay

    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one? i had a couple

    Are you new to blogging? nope

    Why I want a job:i want to make the website

  37. Dude, we don’t have any jobs currently. Please read the page. I will consider your comment.

  38. Desired Username: ccs46
    Club penguin username:ccs46
    Do you have a blog, yes
    Are you new to blogging?No. I’ve had my blog for a little over 3 years now.
    Why I want a job: well my blog never took off because nobody visted my blog

  39. have you made your dhisin

  40. Yeah, but you need a account first.
    If you have one please tell me the email that goes with it.

  41. yes

  42. Ok, you have been added as an author.

  43. can i be incharge of mods

  44. never mind im happy areddy

  45. i want to be upgrade as mod hander

  46. never mind

  47. wats the pass to accss the comits email me at

  48. There is no password to them. You are an author, which means you cannot edit them. I can make you a contributor and you can edit the comments.

  49. no i want to be incharge of this page like make jobs or something

  50. I can’t even do that, thats the site owner’s job.

  51. wats th highst one you can give me

  52. i want to be like u

  53. this is wat i mean Protected: Edit Items

  54. email me the pass as

  55. I can’t make you higher, only the site owner, 123kirby can.

  56. He could make you a editor or contributor.

  57. Thanks, lol.

  58. Those don’t work anymore, sorry. I need to delete that page…

  59. Oh, ok.

  60. editer

  61. no contributor

  62. can i just be a admin

  63. No, there are no more administrator places left. The best I can make you is a editor.

  64. fine

  65. tell him to email me at

  66. I’m actually using lake5’s account now, so I will send you a email in a minute.

  67. wait wats the highst job you can give me

  68. its ben a min.

  69. did you do it?

  70. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on aready

  71. Dude! chill be patient! im sure he’s busy right now, he will be on when he’s on ok?

  72. sorry

  73. wait you 123kirby on right now or?

  74. Now I’m on.

  75. wats the highst you can make me

  76. He made you an editor.

  77. ok

  78. Remember not to edit any pages without my or 123kirby’s permission, and when you make a page don’t publish it, save it as a draft so we can review it and correct any mistakes / put pictures and videos in. 🙂

  79. Disired Username: Autbri50
    ClubPenguin Username: Autbri Tv
    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?: No I do have a blog
    Are you new to blogging?: Nope I have a wordpress blog
    Why I want a job: I want the job because I love to blog and help out with the cheats and website

  80. Desired Username:Dr Pepper 28

    Club penguin username:Autbri50

    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?: Yes I have a blog

    Are you new to blogging?: Nope I have a wordpress blog.
    Why I want a job: I want the job because I have a blog I can help with the website and cheats.

  81. If you pass the check, you will be made an editor. All we have yet to do is read on your site!

  82. dude he is a hacker his the one who hacked my site then i had to start all over again

  83. You most likely made him (if it was him) an administrator, which you should NEVER do, under any circumstances. Even if you know that person, if they go to your school, if they are you cousin or brother, DO NOT made them an admin.

  84. roger,roger!

  85. Haha, lol.

  86. im a baddle droid form star wars

  87. What the… Haha.

  88. can i have a job like lake5

  89. You have the same job as me.

  90. yay thx

  91. how do i mke plpl stuff like admin.

  92. hello

  93. hello?

  94. Only the site owner can do that. He doesn’t make people admins that he doesn’t know.

  95. then how do you do it

  96. sorry forgot my pass but got it again

  97. I thought I said that only the site owner can make admins & such. You are an editor. 123kirby is the owner. He can make editors, admins, authors, etc.

  98. tell him to make me one plz:)

  99. dang sorry same thing hapened

  100. I’m 123kirby, and I go on my classmates account (Yes, me and lake5 go to school together) because mine is messed up. I can’t make anyone new jobs, and even if I could, I don’t make people that I don’t know (like if I go to school with them, then maybe) admins. Like lake5 said, that is quite a good way to get hacked. I don’t think that you will mess up anything, but what if you accidentally hire some who does? They can delete the site, post, make widgets, etc. Also, all the admins on here get a message when they log in that says “Your domain has expired, please renew.” and then takes you to this page and you can’t leave it.

  101. sorry mybad my acount kepps messing up and by the way i i have this thing where i enter their u-name
    and it gives me their real name and then i serch it on

  102. ahm!

  103. I want to find the real Chat Penguin 3. But can i apply for a job.

    Email me at

  104. Cp user: Zif8
    Name I want On Here: Zif10
    I am a very experianced website desgigner and I would like to contribute with Penguin Chat Remake

  105. u spelled it wrong

  106. I checked out your site, and I noticed that you have a old version of my SWF, as there was a glitch in it where when you tell a joke, it says “You don’t have to cry”.

    If you can prove to me that you can code a game from scratch, or add a walk function to the SWF file the you have, then you have the job.

  107. Desired Username: cpcheatspopup
    Club penguin username: Shamair29
    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?
    Are you new to blogging?
    Why I want a job:
    I want this job so I can be part of this blog and get traffic
    and I’d love to be a Tracker Maker

  108. job: editor

  109. Thanks for applying. You job is being considered, we will get back to you in about two days. staff

  110. wait how can 123kirby make posts but not higher jobs?

  111. I can, but I said that my account is messed up. I just go on lake5’s account, and click the name button when I post and change it to 123kirby. I could also make it look like you posted, Lake5 posted, burley10 posted, etc.

  112. i applied for a job but i havn’t been contacted?

  113. contact me at

  114. Due to the recent flood of comments, I am backed up. And I mean WAY backed up!

  115. ummm i made a job offer and i’ve waited about a week.

  116. OK, I made you an author. Your posts will be edited if there is a misspelling or error.

  117. Can I be a comment approver/moderator? E-mail:

  118. Desired Username:

    Club penguin username: Zif8

    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one?
    No, but I really enjoy scowering for cheats and pics
    Are you new to blogging? No, I have had one but I lost It Due To Not Able To Pay For My Domain.

    Why I want a job:I would like to be a graphic and website designer. I love your website and I found a brand new trainer. It is Called Penguin Blizzard.

  119. My desired user was zif11

  120. I want my user to be zif14.

  121. I have been waiting for awhile and i have gotten no responses!

  122. Sorry, I have been backed up lately. I have been making a CPPS, a trainer, and all kinds of other stuff and it is taking up most of my time.

  123. Well do I have the job. I totally love this site. I want to transfer with you all to Thanks Anyways

  124. I would like to be a Auther. My site is My desired username would be Nazarxd. My CP user is Nazar2403. I have a blog I am not new to blogging I have had alot of experience with it. i want a job cuz I never had 1.

  125. @nazar
    the staff is considering your job.
    we’ll contact you if you are accepted.

  126. Thanks for telling him.
    I am checking out Nazar’s blog to see if he is fit to work on here, as you know, we only have the most elite cheaters.

  127. Hi. I would like a job. I have a blog, I’m not good at making banners, but I can design or make the programs with vb6 or visual basic 2010. I can’t find the codes but if you can give them to me, I can make it.

  128. K, I will need to evaluate you.
    I just need to check your site, maybe you can make a MM or something. Kirby is usually the programmer for this site, though.

  129. Dude, this is not funny. When will i get a job?

  130. Hey, I left a comment asking if I could be comment mod above somewhere and got no reply.

  131. @zazk, uroccs, and enlil225 Sorry, I have been backed up in school lately. I added Zack and Enlil225, Uroccs, you will be added sometime tommorow. Its pretty late where I am.

  132. Oh ok, I understand. Also DO NOT use the email in my posts to send me a job request. I used my friends email: Andrewxiaoyujiang[AT]

  133. What job did I get. I think I’m an author, So I write posts?

  134. Can I be an editor so I can create pages?

  135. Lake5 or 123kirby I’m making a banner, do I upload it in the media section? Cause I think I can’t attach it. Also I made a post button I can’t attach the media on it, it dosen’t have the font size, link, or font buttons on the posting page. Is it just my computer, or account, or is that I can’t do those things. The post is saved as a draft.

  136. ok if you cant post it send me the file and the text to and i’ll post it for you giving you credit.

  137. Yes, you upload it there, or externally. As an alternative, if Media doesn’t work, you can upload it on a post at!

  138. can i be a admin now im 11

  139. am i still a mod on pc3o if not a mod on your site?

  140. Lake5 or 123kirby can you please make me an editor. I want to create banners and put the PST Clock on the margin! I found it’s html code. I tried posting it but it won’t look good and it’s not working. Anyways can I please be an editor. I’m currently an author.

  141. Sure.

  142. Soooo make me an editor…

  143. enlil225 advertizs his site and things he makes with viriss


  145. I shall block all cheats and all penguins that posted shall have BAN FOEVER

  146. Hi!
    My Name is laughalot14
    i have been a member of cp along time so i know alot of “the secrets” of cp i have also tried to make my own trainer but was not sucessful!

  147. user here well be saurkrauts
    cp user saurkrauts
    zero heroes and below8 what!

  148. i want to apply for a admin for your site.

    My cp username is Sgt Choclate
    I realy want to be a admin


  149. look this site is closed im so sorry

  150. Posting Username: SisterSpy1
    Club Penguin Username: SisterSpy1
    My blogs: (that’s the best one!) (it’s OK, not as good)

  151. Desired Username:Shadow 7552

    Club penguin username:Shadow 7552

    Do you have a blog, or if not, ever had one? yes

    Are you new to blogging? no

    Why I want a job: because i want to help other penguinins new and old

  152. website design adimn
    i am not blogging too much,well i would do another website of mine.
    Penguin Agency isn’t seeing by people,also zlappenguin(my other website). i just saw this ‘cool!’ website that i was searching club penguin swfs.

  153. Hi I’m Silveracez. I would love to be your Graphic guy. I make alot of Graphics and I’m really good at drawing penguins on paint.
    I am a good blogger to!
    I make good graphics like my pictures and heres some graphcis i make

    Email is

  154. Desired Name: CupCakeSmile
    Penguin Name: AngelicIce03
    Had a Blog Before? Never had a blog before but I have a slight idea.
    New to blogging? As I told you above, I have a slight idea.
    Reason for the Job: I hardly do anything on the computer except Club Penguin. I REALLY want to do good and have fun at the same time.
    And btw, Can I be the “Banner Designer” cos’ my sister is REAL good at it. And I’m real neat.
    Waddle On,

    CupcakeSmile 🙂
    PS: HOPE I GET PICKED! Thanks If I do or not. I am grateful.

  155. hi i’m jan i would love to be modetor. cuase i want to ban players that don’t follow the rules.MY username is janroyce09 andwhatsupu2 andjanroyce

  156. i l u v e club penguin and my club penguin name is Lightfight27

  157. and i want to be a mod

  158. and can i test the server?

  159. Hey, sorry for the late respond! I am trying to get an entire new staff for this website, I will email you with more details 🙂

  160. No. First of all, this website is not a game, or forum. You can’t ban people. There are no rules. I don’t even have a moderator position open. No. Just no.

  161. No.

  162. There is no server.

  163. Hey, um why have I lost my AUTHOR rank, while a lot of staff have stayed. I mean it is fair I lost interest in CP and modding cp a long time ago, but still……

  164. i dont have a blog
    im new to blogging
    i want to work in this site because i know some good cheats
    the one in my twiter dont ask any thing on that one
    i wold like to work as contributer

  165. OI

  166. hello wanna be your admin speaking 30 to snout including Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Irish, etc. I’m Alan accept

    hey this is my new blog please share x

  168. Did the creditors make small business search engine marketing
    you spend that money? Some of the best ways to go about things when you make
    up your mind that what is debt consolidation loan.

  169. Job Application

    – Blog,
    – WordPress user, seth (sethmcbob)
    – Club Penguin user, Seth
    – Reason for Job: To keep this wordpress active like mine, and update when Club Penguin has some upcoming events.

  170. email,

  171. job app

    – blog:
    – wordpress name: testpwn (test123000)
    – cp (clubpenguin) user: Test Pwn
    – job: contributor
    – reason: help blog with activities and others related to clubpenguin

  172. Job, contributor

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