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To contact Club Penguin by phone:
Toll Free: 1-888-861-4111
Local: 250-861-5111
By mail:
Club Penguin Entertainment
Suite 500-1628 Dickson Ave.
Kelowna, B.C., Canada
V1Y 9X1


Talk With newspaper:

Go to any room, and bring out newspaper.

On first page go to aunt arctic page, and click question.

dont type anything, and click send.

Go to main page.

Press tab on keyboard.

Type your message and press enter. This glitch is NOT client side, which means everyone can see it.


Get the friendship bracelet:

1.Go to the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”.

2. Go to the last page.

3. Click the Bracelet.


Get the captain’s key:

1. Go to the book “Captain Rockhopper’s Journal”.

2. Go to the last page.

3. Click the key.


Emoticon Shortcut Keys:

ET shows a music note and makes a noise.
EI shows an igloo.
EP shows a blue puffle.
ES shows a skull.
ED shows a sun.
EF shows a flower.
EG shows a game controller.
EH shows a red heart.
EL shows a four leaf clover.
EZ shows a slice of pizza.
EC shows a cup of coffee.
EN shows the moon and stars.
EM shows a coin.
E1 shows a laughing face.
E2 shows a smiley face.
E3 shows a straight face.
E4 shows a frowning face.
E5 shows a surprised face.
E6 shows a face sticking out their tongue.
E7 shows a winking face.
E8 shows a green icky face.
E9 shows a red angry face.
E0 shows an unhappy face.
EQ shows a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone.
EW shows a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.


Machine Gun Snowball:

First go to any room, then press the letter T on your keyboard and keep pressing it and clicking, and you will be throwing snowballs really fast.


Faster Servers:

Are the american servers too slow for you? Can you not get into any servers during a party? If these apply to you, then try this cheat: Go to In the top right corner (right above start) you will see a little box that says “languages”. Select Portuguese.  Log on like you normally do, accept all titles are in Portuguese.


The old Club Penguin Widgets:

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Code: <a href = “><img src=”; alt=”Club Penguin – Waddle around and meet new friends!” border=”0″ /></a>

Code: <a href = “><img src=”; alt=”Club Penguin – Waddle around and meet new friends!” border=”0″ /></a>

<a href = “”><img src =””></a&gt;

To set as your background, right click it, and then click “Set As Background”
Club Penguin Prizes: Free Club Penguin Memberships, Coin Codes, & more!


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  1. Thats true I totally agree

  2. I love clubpenguin

  3. hello

  4. 123kirby maby you should make a contest where the first one who gets the fire suit gets a code well four codes for all the playing they have to do is that a good idea if not you can do a contest where the person with 100000 coins first gets ten codes and if not I have one last one you can make a contest where the person with the best igloo gets twenty coins AND ITS OK IF YOU SAY NO BECAUSE I HATE MY IDEAS I JUST WANTED YOU TO SEE THEM SO TELL ME IF THOSE IDEAS ARE OK OR NOT OK THANKYOU AND IF YOU DONT BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU JUST KIDDING SEE YA AT SCHOOL BYE
    123kirby: Great ideas fireguy! I like the best igloo one…I’ll think i use that one! Except i will change the coin amount…TO ONE MILLION!

  5. Hey who else believes this is the number one clubpenguin site right now if you do say yes p.s. keep up the awesome work

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  7. Club Penguin is sooo fun!

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  9. What template do you use in your website

  10. Contempt. PLease tell your friends about us! Thanks!

  11. im pretty sure the snowball machine gun is client side.

  12. It might be, im not sure. Good point!

  13. I wish i had free membership :*( Im not gettin in the hang of Cp anymore All i can do is play mini-games and do the Dojo thing :*(

  14. Club penguin is a bit lame non members miss out on everything it feels like ur naked AND U ARE we missed out on the medival party where we defeet scorn and the puffle party !

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