Furniture Catalog Cheats

November – December Furniture Catalog Cheats

1. Go to page 2
2. Click on the coins for change logo.

3. Go to page 2
4. Click on the top of the Chirstmas Tree

5. Go to page 3
6. Click on the lantern

7. Go to page 3
8. Click on the wood in the fireplace

9. Go to page 4
10. Click on the word “scarf”

11. Go to page 4
12. Click on the bird

13. Go to page 5
14. Click on the chandelier

15. Go to page 6
16. Click on the Grandfather clock

17. Go to page 7
18. Click on the puffle stand

19. Go to page 7
20. Click on the balls on the crystal balls

21. Go to page 8
22. Click on the letter “O” in Jack-O-Lantern

23. Go to page 9
24. Click on the center of the plasma ball

25. Go to page 11
26. Click on the computer mouse

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  2. Wow Can you tell me how to make a CPMV PLEASE

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