Penguin Client Library

You can download all of my scripts for PCL here, along with a tutorials for the use of PCL.


What you need: (Click the text to download)


Penguin Client Library



To get started:

Add any scripts that you download to the pcl folder. This will make the scripts run.

Click start, then run on your desktop. Next, type CMD. A window should come up, and type this: CD Desktop/pcl press enter. After this, type php item.php or php item.php and press enter to run the cheats. Enter your username and press enter. Enter your password and press enter.

  • For Perm Item: Type the item ID to get it.
  • For Money Maker: Wait 3-5 minutes to get 5,000 coins.

You should get a message telling you if it was a success or failure.


3 Responses

  1. cool thanks 😀

  2. >[] I download but GUESS WHAT?!
    it says’ get new version’ but is version u have on page.
    FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pcl rocks yo

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