Famous Penguins

With all famous penguins, when you meet them you get a rare item. A really awesome background is automatically added to your penguin! To get this item, click where the “Friend Request” button would be. It will say “You have found ________’s background! Would you like to pick it up?” Click “Yes” or “No”.

Who is…


Rockhopper is a pirate who visits to Club Penguin Island about 4-6 times a year. He is also the person who brought the first red puffle to Club Penguin! Rockhopper Island is a fabled island myth, which you can supposedly get to on level 21 of ballistic Biscuit (Hydro Hopper). Rockhopper island is abundant in red puffles When he comes he has 4-5 items for members, and one non-member item. When you meet him, he gives you a special background. We are making a tracker for him so you can find him when he comes.

Aunt Arctic:

Aunt Arctic is the writer for the Club Penguin Times, which comes out every Thursday. You can meet her when she comes to Club Penguin. When you meet her, she gives you a free background. Aunt Arctic wheres the Pink Toque and the reading glasses, which came out in March 2006 for the first server test along with black toque. We are working on an Aunt Arctic tracker so you can find her when she comes!


Gary is the inventor/spy who operates the HQ (See below). When you see him, he is always wearing a white lab coat.Like all other famous penguins, he gives away a free background when he comes to Club Penguin! So if you can happen to find him, awesome! You just got a REALLY rare item! We are working on a Gary tracker so you can find him easier!


Cadence is a pengin who specializes in dancing! When she comes to Club Penguin, she is usually found backstage, or in the Night Club. Her name is commonly mispelled “Candance”. If you find her be sure to pick up her exclusive background! We are making a Cadence tracker so you can easily find her when she comes!


Sensei is the ninja penguin who brought Card Jitsu to Club Penguin in late 2008.  Legend says he might have built the Dojo, which used to be hidden in the mountains. Now, ninjas have always been around Club Penguin. But you have never been able to become one until 2008! to beocme a Ninja you have to compete in Card Jitsu “matches” where you fight another penguin. We are making a Sensei tracker so you can easily find him!

Penguin Band:

The Penguin Band comes to Club Penguin once a year in the Music Festival. As always, you can get a Background from them! We are making a tracker for the Penguin Band so you can find them easily!

A Beta:

A beta penguin is one of the tester penguins who joined in 2005. They usually brag by wearing their Beta Hat. Before the CPIP in 2008, it was possible to cheat the beta hat. Some Wanna-be betas did this. I’m glad the CPIP came out! If you ever meet a beta, then request to be their friend. You won’t get any special items, but hey, you met a beta.


18 Responses

  1. […] News Well, it looks like RH is coming again! If you don’t know who he is then please click here. […]

  2. Very first, I’d prefer to thank you for this enlightening post. Secondly, I’d prefer to question wherever I can discover a lot more info concerning your post. I arrived right here via Bing and can’t discover any other related web websites on this subject. Precisely how do I subscibe for your weblog? I’d prefer to adhere to your updates as they arrive along! I had a query to question but I forgot what it absolutely was… anyways, thank you!

  3. Hey 123kirby! Its your biggest fan! Sorry i haven’t gotten on cp for a while. I was banned forever. So i cant get on ever again. 😦 Sorry!!
    123kirby says: Dude, why’d you get banned? Sorry! I have an extra account thats really old if you want it. (email me if you do)

  4. hi 123kirby i have a problem im seeing rockhopper on his ship through the telescope on the beacon but ive waited so long i get so nervous whether im gonna miss him

    please help me

    and also have u heard of penguin storm its very good but im not trying to degrade your site or anything im just saying its good and you can also make yourself into a beta penguin XD its so cool but my true request is can you get me a free membership for my acc cus it sucks i mean my friends from school are MEMBERS but i can never be their mate as i can never find them please please help
    123kirby: You won’t miss him 🙂 He should be here friday. And you can do that with Club Penguin Typhoon also. You weren’t degrading my site, lol.

  5. ive finally got typhoon but it just comes up with saying


    or something like tht
    123kirby: Download 5.3; 6.0 got messed up when i uploaded it.

  6. im Rockhopper

  7. im going to give my pass

  8. it is hopperrock

  9. hello my name is pingualex 10 and im on lods of cheats sight and if u go on aqra graaber cheats u see my page and in the page i typed the aqrq grabber cheats and also on puffle rescue

  10. i know i made him yesh

  11. none of you are rh

  12. the only rh i know has the pic so stob being dummys

  13. Its called photoshop, and screenshots.

  14. look i got banned for 19,9099999675645221 days and secretly i made a new penguin aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  15. look my friend master luca said hump me to rookie

  16. bluey81582 is right none of you are rh

  17. im gonna meet rockhopper at the holiday party this year! i’ve never met a famous penguin!

  18. 1. PUBLICAR ESTA SOBRE 3 diferentes páginas de AQUÍ
    2. Presione F8 3 VECES
    3. Inicie sesión en CP
    4. Presione F5 8 veces
    5. Ahora vamos a recibir lo siguiente: 10 AÑOS DE MIEMBRO libre, cualquier Puffle USTED ELIGE PARA GRATIS de monedas gratis, a cualquiera de 10 elementos que se seleccionan EL TESORO

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