Arctic Antics Guide

Welcome to 123kirby’s Official Arctic Antics Guide! Are you ready to start winning some free membership?

Section 1:  Coupon Codes

Normal Coupons


















Section 2: Monster Hunt

Click Here to get all of the monsters!

Section 3: Crack the Codes

Page # 1 –

Code 15: bendyjug

Code 16:

Code 17:

Code 24:

Page # 2 –

Code 18:

Code 19:

Code 20:

Treasure Version –

Code 21:

Code 22:

Code 13:

Hidden Code –

Code 11:

Section 4: Picture Puzzle Meanings

– Hat

– Red

– Ant

– Leg

– Fan

– Sit

– Cog

– Toe

– man

– Pin

– Box

– Fork

– Top

– Arm

– Bowl

– Men

– Hole

– Side

– Eye

– Nail

– Clock

– Old

– Fish

– Bun

– Water

– Cup

– Pear

– Rock

– Tree

– Wig

– Loop

– Car

– Mug

– Can

– Dog

– Night

– Pen

– Key

– Fig

– Book

– Plug

– Hair

– Chair

Section 5: Daily Question Answers

Q: What chemical element has atomic number number 1?

A: Hydrogen

Q: What type of fish is a goldfish?

A: A carp

Q: Vitamin D Is Found Only In Foods Containing:

A: Fat

Q: What age is the oldest that a woman has ever lived to?

A: 122

Q: The Four Bratz Stars Are Yasmin, Jade, Cloe And…

A: Sasha

Q: What is a Green Back?

A: A dollar bill

Q: Phobos and Deimos are moons of which planet?

A: Mars

Q: Which country is the world’s largest beer drinkers?

A: The Czechs

Q: What language is the main one spoken in Finland?

A: Finnish

Q: How much does a litre of water weigh?

A: 1 Kg

Q: What is the name of the robots in Toon Town?

A: The Cogs

Q: What colors are on the Greek flag?

A: Blue and White

Q: What is the name of the chicken that Gonzo The Great likes?

A: Camilla

Q: Which is the heaviest?

A: A ton

Q: Where will the 2012 Olympic Games be held?

A: London

Q: How many days in march?

A: 31

Q: How far is moon from earth?

A: 24,000 miles.

Section 6: Secret Pages

The CP Quiz: (a hidden quiz worth 30 points) Click here

Club Penguin Prizes: Free Club Penguin Memberships, Coin Codes, & more!


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