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Welcome to the Game Room! You can play fun games here, like penguin chat, Club Penguin, and more!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mancala Snails (RocketSnail Games):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More games coming soon! Have a suggestion? Post it here!


14 Responses

  1. a working club penguin…

  2. remember, thinicetrobarrier is EXACTLY like astro barrier (aside from the puffle) and everyone can play all of it.
    123kirby: Thanks, I fixed it.

  3. and its Thinicetrobarrier, not thiniceastrobarrier.

  4. Lol, thanks.

  5. dude you should get a self hosted blog then download wordpress and then download a js plugin that then search google for right click disable then you can be protected because right click disable is in js and since you used the plugin you can now have protection

  6. umm cp isnt working on my blog and it is using you cp and its invisible

  7. I made it to only work for my site.

    Sorry, but you will need to find a different way to in-bed the movie.

  8. Good idea, but you can still copy from right-click disabled sites by highlighting and press CTRL + C.

  9. ok it works now because i used the Gigya code that uses swf ! but this cp only works on either a program that allows you to load AS3 files or because it always says “Loading Content”

  10. @123kirbycp
    is vb9 harder to use because
    on my vb9 i can’t find the shockwave flash thing.
    do u know where it is?

  11. Cool. It works for me loading fine, though.

  12. umm… i have a question if the load.swf was somehow announced to the public and tutorial was made on how to make a cp trainer on vb9 would that lead to chaos?

  13. in other words load.swf+tutorial=chaos?


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