Club Penguin SWFs

These are the Club Penguin Shockwave Flash Files. This page is (c) 2010



Adopt: adopt.swf

Costume: costume.swf
Cove: cove.swf
Dance: dance.swf
Dock: dock.swf
The Fish: fish.swf
Furniture: furniture.swf
Igloo: igloo.swf
Lodge: lodge.swf
Mountain: mtn.swf
Ninja: ninja.swf
Pet: pets.swf
Pirate: pirate.swf
Sport: sport.swf
Unlock Catalog: unlock_catalog.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 2: unlock_catalog_series2.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 3: unlock_catalog_series3.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 4: unlock_catalog_series4.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 5: unlock_catalog_series5.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 6: unlock_catalog_series6.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 7: unlock_catalog_series7.swf
Unlock Catalog Series 8: unlock_catalog_series8.swf


Party Rooms Will not work all the time. Sorry!

Party: party.swf
Party2: party2.swf
Party3: party3.swf
Party4: party4.swf
Party5: party5.swf
Party6: party6.swf
Party7: party7.swf
Party8: party8.swf
Party9: party9.swf
Party10: party10.swf
Party11: party11.swf
Party12: party12.swf
Party13: party13.swf


Dare: dare.swf
Fairyfables: fairyfables.swf
Franky: franky.swf
Give Tour: give_tour.swf
Journal: journal.swf
Spice: spice.swf
Stowaway: stowaway.swf
Tales07: tales07.swf
Tales08: tales08.swf
Tales09: tales09.swf
Xmas Book1: xmas_book1.swf
Xmas Book2: xmas_book2.swf
Xmas Book3: xmas_book3.swf
Year0506: year0506.swf
Year0607: year0607.swf
Year0708: year0708.swf
Year0809: year0809.swf


Boiler Spoiler Foiler Medal: 817.swf
Chocolates: 820.swf
Coins for Change: 812.swf
Cool Gift: 818.swf
Cove Map: 807.swf
Electromagnet 1000 BluePrints: 814.swf
Electromagnet Medal: 806.swf
Employee of the Month: 823.swf
Golden Box Medal: 813.swf
Golden Investigative Medal: 810.swf
Golden Puffle Award: 802.swf
Golden Sled Award: 808.swf
Handy Penguin Award: 809.swf
Honorary Member of Blue Team: 816.swf
Letter from Aunt Arctic: 803.swf
Letter from G: 805.swf
Pizza: 811.swf
Secret Squad Success Medal: 822.swf
Silver Watch Medal: 815.swf
Starter Deck: 821.swf
Stealth Spy Surveillance Medal: 819.swf
Wilderness Survival Medal: 804.swf


SWF Archives (Older Swf Files)

Old How to Do Your Igloo (FULL SCREEN!)

Penguin Chat 3

More Coming Soon!

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