This is a long term plan. It should be complete within the next few months, if it goes as said.

  1. Set up forums, CP cheating network (,
  2. Get 100,000 hits (Only 40,000 more to go!)
  3. Finish trainers, money maker, finish private server

To help us complete this plan, please tell all of your friends about this website and Once you do that, sign up for the private server and forums. Visit as much as you can.

We get around 200-400 views a day. If you do the math, get the average (300), and multiply it by 30(Average month), you get 9000. Think if everyone were to visit 5 times a day, then you would multiply 300 x 5. Therefore we would get roughly 45,000 in a month. I wish we could complete this plan within a month, and then we would have a party. What do you think?

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