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In a few days, this site will be closing. It will become an archive, so you can still access it, but the new site will be shared hosting with my teammate Penguinpow12. The new site will be EXACTLY the same as this, but hosted on his server, Here is the new domain: OR

I am eventually going to set up again.

In other news, I am making a trainer (with Penguinpow12) and I am re-making Club Penguin typhoon. I also have created a private server, being hosted on All this stuff will be happening over the next week, so be ready :D!

To admins & workers of

You will all be sent an email pertaining your new logins for my new site. If you haven’t posted in the last month, you won’t be added as an author.


9 Responses

  1. 123Kirby, Arnt you afraid of the C&D? If you want an iCP so bad its better of to make a whole new game itself like I am.

  2. e-mail me at

  3. I was already contacted not to make it.

  4. i have tried to join cp cheats dojo but penguinpow wouldn’t let me so…… he called me a noob and everything and i am threatening to shut his site down

  5. can i mange this old site

  6. i work here and i never got the e-mail?
    if you sent it send again at

  7. Kirby, I have about 6 codes (Coin, CJW, CJF) & I want to give 3 of them to you, could you email me your personnal email? Cuz i dont wanna post them here.

  8. OK! Kirby I know off topic but, ur GONNA be the new cheating good. Micro’s PCL download is ALREADY offline to due to the lack off paying & he’s lost too much intrest to even fix his PCL if something breaks, basicly.. You can just say ur the new god. The posts link is here:
    U cant download but, is falling apart.

  9. My personal email is:

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