Pcl Trainer – Penguin Manager

This is an old project of mine that I revived. Anyway,Penguin Manager 1.0 is a “Trainer” which is coded in PHP and meant to be used with PCL. It has over 80 lines of code so far, and will eventually become one of the largest PCL scripts ever. What I am going to do once it gets past V 2.0 is upload the PCL files to my server and have it require them online so you only have to run penguin.php. The only issue is, I have to ask permission from the PCL Dev Team before I do so.


To use this:

Download PCL 2.10(Download this last) and PHP 5 (Download this first)

Save penguin.php in the PCL folder

Click Start>Run>and type “CMD”

On CMD type CD desktop/pcl and press enter

Next, type php penguin.php and press enter.

Enter the command and done.





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