As you all know, Microchip123 is retiring, and I am trying to buy CP The reason I am doing this, is that a lot of people on CP are saying that I am going to become the new “Microchip123” when he completely quits… If he offers me the site for a good price, I will buy it.

Here is an actual response from a penguin at CP

“I’ll Go Suicidal. CP Cheating WILL Be Dead Forever And PCL Will Be All That We Will Have Left And I’m Guessing 123Kirby Will Be The New “Microchip123” – Somebody0777

Well, we know CP Cheating won’t be dead. The question is, should I keep it as a forum, or redirect the domain to this website if I do get the site?


20 Responses

  1. redirect and i didnt even no tht!

  2. ! My Post Is On There!

  3. What I was planning on doing was keeping the forum up. If it goes dead, I will put a redirect, or the other way around.

  4. I Would Keep I As A Forum Or Somethin Like:

  5. no wait how about keeping it as a forum with info of the blog too?

  6. I like urocss idea, where I do, but with, I cannot do that. I will most likely keep it with the same domain and forum, but I own it.

  7. How ‘Bout You Do It Like
    I Then Mean You Have 2 Sites, And That.

  8. I would keep it as because I would be buying a domain that is already set up, and I don’t feel like going through the NS setup again.

  9. Oh, Alright. I’ll Be Happy, Also Are You And Static Gonna Work Together! 🙂

  10. I think we might.

  11. You’re not a cheating god. Get that out of your little fantasies. And I don’t think you understand how much it would cost. 1,000 dollars at the MINIMUM for the domain. So don’t act like ur the king of cheating. you can do much less than chrisdog or any other blogger.

  12. I never stated that. I understand how much it would cost for the domain, and chrisdog93 can’t program SHIT. I never said I was a cheating god, and I know I am not. Who was the one asking ME for help? Yeah, that’s right, it was you. I am one of the best programmers these days, but I am definitely below Microchip123 and Charles.

    Don’t go acting like your the top dog of cheating, because you are clearly not.

  13. Chrisdog is twice the programmer you will ever be. Try creating something like he can. Let me guess, it’s out of your grasp because it’s not Vb6? And when I did ask for help, all I got was, oh sorry, I don’t know. And I can program more than you. I have currently co-created a private server at I am the top dog of cheating. Micro doesn’t give a shi t anymore and I’m right under Chris. Charles is like 20. :p

  14. I actually can program PHP, and several other languages also. Haha, I don’t even care anyway. I could create a private server, but why should I? I don’t really feel like getting sued by some bastards over at disney. Making trainers is boring to me now, and I could easily make a new one. And by the way, you got around 300 working variables when you asked me for help.
    Dude, I like you. I don’t want to get in a fight, but I just was posting what someone said. I am sorry I didn’t help you more, I really did not want to release what you asked me for back then.

  15. Yeah sorry, I don’t want to get in a fight either, you’re a cool dude. It just pissed me off that you thought you were a cheating god. Anyways, I have a new suggestion. I’m making a new site, and I was thinking this. It’s called and it’s a domain i already bought. you can go on the site, it’s under construction though. Anyways, I was thinking of getting brilliant CP cheaters (cp prankster, 123kirby, me, 100flames, staticabc) and have them close their sites down and redirect them to and make them all admins. that way we can start a new cheats site that will be OURS and we will get more hits than ever! And better yet, it will include all the greatest hackers alive. With all their content on one amazing site, it would be phenomenal! What do you think?

  16. I can’t redirect it, because the domains cost $15, and to redirect it costs $15.
    I would love to help, though.

  17. I already bought the domain. do u have an email i can contact u by?

  18. Yes, I am actually 123kirby (My real account is messed up) but I am using my classmates account, so just email me by:

  19. how much are you buying it for please put it as Australian dollars

  20. I don’t know yet, I may not. Just depends.

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