Hello penguins, I think that it is about time for a new contest!

This is a trivia contest, and I am giving out three, that’s right, THREE Unlock Items Online codes.

Here is the questions:

When was 123kirby born? (Year, month, day) Answered by Urocss. The answer was March 24, 1997.

About how many views a day does get? Answered by Ccs46. The answer was around 200.

Who did 123kirby help make a trainer? (Hint: He works for Answered by 100flames. The answer was PenguinPow12.

Winners are being sent their codes sometime in the next 2 days, thank you for competing.


36 Responses

  1. lake5

  2. Please post what question you were answering.

  3. Who did 123kirby help make a trainer?

  4. In that case, you are wrong. The hint was he works for, and it is not chrisdog93.

  5. 3.PenguinPow12

  6. Correct! You win the first code.

  7. no he did it after it was done

  8. About how many views a day does get?

  9. and i ment you lake5

  10. Well, I wish we got that many. The question wasn’t how many views we have in all.

  11. ok 5,000

  12. wen do i get the code and how am i gonna get it

  13. 2.Around 100 everyday

  14. 2.200

  15. Email. and when the contest is over. You can only answer one question.

  16. Is that 2,200? If it was 200, you are right.

  17. 200

  18. Cool. You won the second question, you get the second code. No one will get the first one :P!

  19. 1: 1997 – 1992
    Im Answering “When Was 123Kirby Born”, Am I Right?

  20. Above The Year Is 1997, And 123Kirby, How Do We Guess The Month And Day If There Isnt An Archive?

  21. damn it i meant to put 200 this stupid keyboard my computer is so slow i cnt see wat im typing so yeah but the way i found out was on the site stats admin thing.

  22. Oh, fine. I will hide it on here somewhere. You got the year section right, though.
    I was born March **, 1997. Guess the day.

  23. You already answered a question anyway, so it would not have counted.

  24. March 23 1997 – 1998

  25. So, so close!

    The year 1997, the month march. You were one day off.

  26. Ok, It Has To Be This:
    March 25 1997
    *Crosses Fingers*

  27. he said 1 off so it would be 24 or 22 hint hint

  28. Too high.

  29. March 22 1997

  30. Too low, buddy.

  31. AH! This Is It!
    March 24 1997!

  32. Finally! Alright, now time to send it out.

  33. Weres The E-Mail, E-Mail Me At:

  34. didn’t get one ether

  35. They are coming.

  36. they have not came yet

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