PC3O Membership Pre-orders

If you would like to buy a membership, (The game itself is free, but members get access to secret rooms, games, etc), you can pre-order now. Pre-ordering will let you have to beta hat, which is only available to people who order membership now.

Here are the membership plans available:

  • 1 Month (US 2.00)
  • 3  Month (US 5.00)
  • 6 Month (US 10.00)

Membership benefits:

  1. More storage space
  2. Extra Chat Features (As in symbols)
  3. More items.

Pre-orders only:

  1. Get the beta hat
  2. Add two FREE months onto EACH of your membership purchases!
  3. Items members can’t even get! (Like beta hat, red lei, and pink & black toques.)

If you are interested in purchasing, please send the amount of the membership that you want here:



11 Responses

  1. ohhh well i dont live in us i live in uk so that would be cheeper woudnt it\?

  2. I think it would be around .14 for you…. I don’t really know. I will have the currency converted soon.

  3. ummm… hey could you sometimes make contests to see who can win a membership for free?

  4. Great idea. I will be having one on PC3O.co.cc soon, check the Dev blog for more info.

  5. can mods go in to secret rooms too?

  6. I don’t know yet, I am still making the game. Good idea, though.

  7. huh um im confused wheres the link to go on it

  8. pc3o.co.cc
    Order today to get cool features when the game is out.

  9. Huh?
    No.1 I Live in the UK
    No.2 WHERES THE LINK TO THE SITE WHERE DO I GO?????????????????????

  10. My goodness. Here it is:

  11. Srry about tht I was 8 then……….Now 9.
    But I’m not very keen on Cp NOW.

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