PC3O Moderators Needed

Hello penguin, as some of you may have heard, I am making a multiplayer game, PC3O. PC3O stands for Penguin Chat 3 Online, and as far as I know, will be the first MMO remake of PC3. If you are intersested in being a moderator, you have to meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 13 years of age.
  • Have proper grammar.
  • Have common sense.
  • Know Visual Basic 6 Coding well.

If you meet all of these requirements, you will be hired. If you lie about your age, we will find out, and your username will be removed and all of your accounts banned from the client. If you get caught banning players for no reason, you will be removed and banned. This remake is due to come out in early 2011 (January – March). If you are hired as a Moderator, you will need to login with your Moderator account under the tab labeled “Admin”. It will not work from the Login tab. You cannot create an Mod account, but you CAN create a parent account which can control all of the accounts on your computer. Note: All mod accounts will be stored in an online folder and downloaded to your computer automatically to an encrypted file. This feature comes with every client, so it is an encrypted file so that other people cannot steal your password if they happen to find the file. To apply for a Mod account, please comment on this post or in the “Apply for a Job” page.

Thank you for your patience,


EDIT: NO MORE MODS NEEDED. If you comment asking to be a mod, that ruins your chance from now on.



28 Responses

  1. come on im ten an i know a lot come on

  2. and i Have proper grammar.

  3. Sorry, but I can’t hire you as an admin unless you are 13 or older. The only exception I will make is if you know VB6 coding language to make updates to the program.

  4. WHAT!

    13 years old,I’m only 10 and I have GREAT grammer!

    Well I don’t really know much about V.B.6 :/


    but if I tell you how…

    I will need something in retern…
    if you dont beleve me..

    GOTO http://www.tokoroa1cpheats.blogspot.com

    OR click on my name

    then goto the page what says, “CLICK HERE to go on Cp and still be on my blog!”
    Something like that…


    (I was an old mod on Summit27’s first PC3 remake)

    P.S Ohya Summits making an ICP!

  5. I had that on my site a long time ago. It is still here on the game page, but I am not sure.

    Sorry, but 13 years old to be a mod. You can still be a coder, designer, etc, but not a mod. I am being more strict than summit, because
    A) I am 14, and I want mods to be at least as old as me.
    b) I don’t want people banned for no reason.
    Oh… fine. I will make an exception for you & css46 being a mod if you can promise me that you won’t ban people for no reason.

  6. well thats not me i tottally dont have good grammar i out the window strait away lol

  7. well i do a bit but you no who i am i am ok at vb6 but you no i am good at CP CHEATS AND YOU NO I COULD BE A GOOD MOD AND I AM 13 YEAR OLD

  8. i do

  9. yes sir weblelos promise

  10. I am 14.
    I have great grammar.
    I definitely have common sense.
    I have made trainers so I am good at vb6 coding.
    Thank You And Please Hire Me!

  11. Yeah, sure. I am making your account now. I am working on the admin interface now.

  12. what about me?

  13. and by the way it’s ccs46 not css46

  14. even you don’t have good spelling

  15. I am working on the system, but yes, I will add you. It was a simple typo, and compared to most people, I have great spelling.

  16. cpcheatspopup,
    nooooooooooooo i’m 9 1/2 years old

  17. are you going to hire me i am 13 have common sense of cause have quite good grammar i not that good a vb6 coding

  18. ooh im 10

  19. Yeah, I created your account this morning.

  20. Hello, I am interested in this project. I am an expert in club penguin hacking. Im using my phone, so email me for further information.


  21. I’ll get back to you.

  22. i need an answer

  23. @pengimike3 Yes, you can.
    @hunkashoo Sure.

  24. are we mods now or in january

  25. You have accounts now, but I have not released the client yet. I will have the client released sometime between Jan. – Mar.

  26. ok thnx lake


  28. He was playing a joke on you. I had to remove the first word as my chat filter will automatically ban you.

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