Explanation to the Glitches

As you may have noticed, Club Penguin has been experiencing a lot of glitches and bugs lately.

I was curious, so I emailed them and asked them if it had to do with the switch to AS3. Here is their response:

“Hi There, Thanks for your email and concerns. I’m not sure exactly what the reason is to why we have been experiencing more glitches and bugs lately than normally. It could be that some things were missed while testing new content out, or other things pop up once we think something is fixed. It really could be a lot of things. Hopefully everything will be fixed and running smoothly soon. We appreciate your patience in this.

Thanks and waddle on,


Club Penguin Support”

Here is my email to them:

“Hey guys, I have been noticing the Club Penguin has been having TONS of problems lately. (Glitches mainly) I noticed they started happening after your switch to AS3 for the loader. Do you think it would fix the glitches if you restored to AS2? Just wondering.”


3 Responses

  1. You cant really see it all, only a part.Could you post it so all of it is visible?

  2. Oh, sorry. I accidentally just pasted it from my email. Just a second…

  3. Thanks for fixing it.

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