Card Jitsu Water Sneak Peeks 2

I looked at the new calender and on, and I found these two pictures:

The above picture is what the new Water Ninja will look like.
Above is the new Water Sensei.

Also, I was reading on the blog, and I read that CJ Water may not just be for members only. Here is what it said:

Penguins, prepare for a new adventure!

What I think that it won’t be a Members Only game is because that when CJ Fire came out, it said:

Members, Prepare for a new adventure!

What do you think?


7 Responses

  1. i still think its gonna be members only

  2. Who knows, it may be.

  3. Non-members rule!!!
    cj water for non-members!!!

  4. I definitely hope that it will be, as I am a non-member!

  5. woah! 123kirby I didn’t know that!
    oh and by the way
    do you own

  6. it starts on 25th November and get a pic of the new login screen!!!

  7. @cpcheatspopup Yeah, I did. That was my second blog, and I started it in 2006, and lost the password in mid 2007. My first one was something else, but I can’t find it for my life. I started the other one in mid ’06.

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