Field Ops 22

Today the new Club Penguin Field Ops was released! To begin, head to the EPF Command Room by opening your spy phone and transporting there. Click on the yellow Field Ops screen to the right and accept the mission.

Next, open your map and head to the Forest. Go down the ladder under the rock into the hidden lake. This is where the barrel Agent G was talking about.

Waddle up the steps and to the barrel to the left. Click on your blinking Spy Gadget to begin the puzzle.

Now you have to destroy the circuits, like in previous Field Ops.

Basically, what you have to do is match up too of the red circles with the same shape inside. Make sure to do it before the time runs out on the clock.

Also, Club Penguin has released some new Elite Gear for you to get. The new set of Elite Gear is named “Comm”. I’m guessing this means “communication”. What do you think?


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