Club Penguin Water Dojo Sneak Peak

As far as I know, we are the only website to have a sneak preview of the Water Dojo, coming this month to Club Penguin. You can view a picture of it below.

For proof from where I got this, visit:


22 Responses

  1. hey thats from summit27’s new penguin chat and i have the swf file for it but it doesn’t wordk anymore but i had that since last week!

  2. testing

  3. thats fake!

  4. new elite gear in the spy phone

  5. Its not fake, and it’s the real swf. You may have seen it in his PC3 remake, but this is an unedited, pure, real SWF file.

    They may change it, though.

  6. actually on spiky3332’s blog i put out the sneak peek before you it was an swf file so it cant work anymore

  7. This is a SWF file made by Ninja O Dark. So that’s fake.

  8. But you said it doesn’t work anymore, so I geuss that we are the only blog now.

  9. but if 123kirby said this is the real deal then
    how come theres no mail, epf phone, moderator sign?

  10. SWFs do not have those, that is a seperate file.

  11. I just looked on his site and found nothing having to do with the Water Dojo. Please not that 123kirby also said that this us a possibility of what the Water Dojo will look like.

  12. and what does no mail, epf phone, moderator sign have ANYTHING TO DO with this post?

  13. Ninja O Dark created this when the Dojo Fire came out. It was his idea of what the Dojo Water will look like. This has not been created by Club Penguin!

  14. Oh, ok. I found it elsewhere, so I did not know that he created it. Thank you for telling me. I will edit the post to say the this is someone’s idea of what it will look like.

  15. its my swf give credit or i sue you pick fast

  16. summit27 i gave you credit
    earlier in this comments

  17. Its not yours, Ninja O Dark made it. If you claim something as yours that someone else made, that is considered plagiarism and stealing, and Ninja O Dark could sue you.

  18. Did you use penguin travel cause i found that on one penguin travel

  19. What is Penguin Travel?

  20. its my game that uses it and ninja o darrk dont own the swf cause its not got copyright on it.

  21. my game my credit if you dont give credit your name and ip will be forbendin from it

  22. Just because he doesn’t have a copyright for it DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS YOURS! You don’t have a copyright for your game either, so I could have a picture of it if I wanted. Besides, I got it from Ninja O Dark’s site, which I’m pretty sure that you don’t own!

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