Penguin Client Library

I found a forum called PCL, or Penguin Client Library. On it,  you can create scripts with PHP that do different things on Club Penguin.  You can find the site  here.  I am working on creating a Perm Item and a Money Maker for it currently. To get started go to and sign up! CP Typhoon fans, I have great news! A penguin that works for, named penguinpow12, teamed up with me to make CP Typhoon 8.0! I figured out the VB9 and up can run AS3 so we can now make trainers again. It will take us a long time to make it, so be warned – It could be out in 2011!


9 Responses

  1. Are you using .NET casue ive tried and it doesnt work.

  2. No, I am using Visual Basic 9 (better known as VB2008) to make a trainer cause it can run AS3.

  3. Yes! I got my first PCL script done. It is a perm item/money maker.

  4. hey can u email me a tutoril or sumtihng and a downloa link cuz i wanna make trainers with u and i thought since we’ve been working together since wat fills like 4ever u could help me out thx

  5. how do u make PCL scripts?

  6. VB9? There are hundreds of downloads. And sure, you could help.

  7. With PHP and PCL. You can download both on this site.

  8. I use VB.NET 2010, unfortunatly VB6 won’t save on my computer.

  9. That happened to me too once. I fixed it by restoring my computer.

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