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Even though that I can’t make trainers anymore with VB6, I found two way to make them without it. VB9 and up or PHP work great for making  trainers, and I am planning on making a type of trainer with PHP sometime in the next year. So hold on – It will be done soon. Why trainers don’t work is because Club Penguin changed their loader to AS3, which is newer than VB6 do it will not be able to edit it. But, AS3 was released around when vb9 came out, so I could use that, or PHP. PHP would be harder to use for noobs, so I am leaning toward VB9 +. Comment with your opinion with what I should use!


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  1. even though i have asked this question 100 times what is the load.swf!?!

  2. send to

  3. use sothink swf quicker because it has flash swf editor which supports ActionScript 3.0 (AS3)

  4. I won’t give it out because you will waste your time trying to make a trainer. I know I’ve this like 100 times but VB6 DON’T RUN AS3. I would send it if they hadn’t changed all the vars.

  5. actually i do know how to do this all i need is the load.swf address and i will use the sothink swf quicker to load it on that and then i’ll upload to swfcabin then save the swf address and then use it on vb6 because i have tried that method with a lot of AS3 swfs! and then comes the variables part which is easy i just e-mail cp at and then i get the vars that are very rare and so far I’ve got at least 89 vars

  6. You ask CP for their vars? Ok, I will send it soon.

    You can try, but no matter what, vb6 won’t be able to edit the as3 vars.

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