Well, it looks like trainers are done. But don’t worry, Club Penguin Cheating is not dead!

I have found another way – WPE Pro. WPE Pro stands for Winsock Packet Editor Professional, and is great for cheating. Back before the CPIP I used it all the time for various purposes. You could edit items, buy items (Old and new) moonwalk, and more great cheats. I will be posting tutorials soon, and I am making a new forum using PHPBB also. I am getting a new domain ( and might be switching to software. The new forum address will be!


6 Responses

  1. umm, isnt WPE pro like super ilegal? cause i heard many people that were banned forever for using that

  2. No, it is perfectly legal. It just depends what you use it for!
    And yeah, tons of people got banned moonwalking and hacking like 5,000,000 coins and hacking the beta hat when they were less than the ammount of days needed to be a beta. Obvious cheating.

  3. hey kirby is awesome! i made a website on it
    and how do you use the package i tried but it didnt work?

  4. Your like exactly copying me, MicroChip123 and Static ABC! I don’t mind though. I just don’t think our Forums will be very popular though. Thats why I’m thinking of making my whole site in the Forum like MicroChip. Once my domain runs out, I’m also gonna get, but I have until next August so I’m fine! Also, I am having some real issues with so for now I’m switching back.

  5. Also, if you need help with phpBB, I have already setup my Forum so I know how to do it!

  6. actually, microchip copied my idea for CP fullscreen (and you, lol). I had a domain over a month ago but don’t know how to set it up, and I made my forum before microchip AND you AND static abc.

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