Club Penguin Halloween Party

This years Halloween party has begun! Here are all of the cheats:

  • For Non-Members:

Bat Wings:

To get the Bat Wings, go to the Plaza. Then, click on the box that has all the wings in it.

Scavenger Hunt:

Click on the the Pumpkin basket on the top right of your screen. This will allow you to see what you have collected and hints for the other, candies to collect. At the ending of the scavenger hunt you will be able to redeem it for a prize.

  1. The first candy is at the Beach, near the exit to the dock.
  2. The second candy is in the Snow Forts. It is between the trees, near the exit to the town.
  3. The third candy is in the Pizza Parlor. It is hanging above the organ.
  4. The fourth candy is at the Plaza. It is in the caldron.
  5. The fifth candy is at the Beacon. It is near the telescope.
  6. The sixth candy is at the Ice Berg. It is beside the pumpkin, towards the top.
  7. The seventh candy is in the Gift Shop. It is underneath the wig.
  8. The final candy is in the ski lodge. It is inside the mirror.

Once completed, click on the Pumpkin Basket in the top right corner of your screen,and click on the Claim Prize Button. You can now claim the Candy Forest background!

Members Only Cheats:

  1. Go to the Forest.
  2. Go into the Dark Chamber.
  3. Repeat the music that is being played.
  4. After opening the door, pick up the lantern.
  5. Go through the mini maze and go into the other room.
  6. You are able to pick up the pile of candy furniture item.
  7. You are also able to click on the catalog in the bottom right corner to buy special customizable Halloween items!

Check out the cool, new map below.


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