Club Penguin Field Ops 20 Cheats

Today, yet another new Field Op is out on Club Penguin. A Club Penguin Field Op is a mini mission/challenge which is released every week on Monday or Tuesday. Every new Field Op includes a new location and challenge within it and you can earn medals after completing a Club Penguin Field Op to purchase Elite Penguin Force gear and earn stamps! Below are the complete cheats to the Club Penguin Field Ops 20.

  1. Login Club Penguin
  2. Click the beeping EPF phone in the lower left corner
  3. Click the “Go There” button

Now you must confirm you’ve accepted the Field Op.

  1. You will be teleported to the Elite Penguin Force Headquarters
  2. Click the big yellow screen in the top-right corner
  3. Click the “Accept Field-Op” button

Now you must begin searching your Field Op.

  1. Go to the Mine
  2. Waddle next to the red telephone in the top right corner

To complete this weeks Club Penguin Field Op, you must recharge the batteries by moving your remote using the arrow keys. Always recharge your remote after recharging the batteries and make sure to avoid all the stingers!

Congratulations on completing Club Penguin’s newest Field Op! What did you think of this week’s Club Penguin Field Op? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us!


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