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Well guys, It looks like CP Typhoon may be dead…Forever. Club Penguin switched to AS3, so now it is almost impossible to make a trainer. I CAN find all the variables again, but it will take forever. I am working with the creator of UberPenguin to get some of the variables, but I have only found 31 out of the 200 and something I had in Club Penguin Typhoon 7.3! If I get enough comments and emails, I will continue making trainers. But I need help! You will get full credit in 8.0 and above if you help.

If you are willing to help, that would be great. Click here to email me if you know how to find the variables. I have ALL the new swf, so just email me and I will send you the links of the new swf files.


7 Responses

  1. oh that sucks! so you think you can get people to help you?

  2. Yeah, I have some people who can help.
    I can ask 1jasper9, microchip, rile5, etc. I know them all.

    Yes, this Is 123kirby.

  3. i need the load.swf at

  4. Hey remember me? its penguinpow12. Well, if you help me out with coding for cause of the update i’ll give you 70 percent credit. sound good? i already have the loading stuff. i just need help with coding

  5. Maybe you could team up with microchip123, it looks as if he doesnt know about the swf,if you do this please tell him estebini had the idea, Id love to have my name posted in any of your websites, if you get him to team up with you , then you can have thousands of views a day like microchip123 and have more support, I love your site and think it is great, you are actually more updated than microchip, your website is nicer, keep it up, do not give up trainers.

  6. Thanks ketball! I will email him, because now I am one of the only people who can find the variables. And if he responds, I will tell him that estebini had the idea to team up with him.

  7. CP BLIZZARD WORKS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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