Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party!

Wow, five years of Club Penguin! (and I played through all of them?!?) Anyway, they hat they released looked NOTHING like the one that I predicted. It is quite cool though! The party hat that was released is red, yellow, and green. Club Penguin added a stamp for the party, too! Here is the steps to get it:

Step 1. Go to the Town
Step 2. Go to the Coffee Shop
Step 3. Click on the cake

The candles will blow out and you will earn the celebration stamp!

Hope this helps!
Here’s some off subject randomosity: Today, I fished for three hours and caught a 17 inch spot tail bass, 9 pinfish, and made three wooden kunai knives. (I’m a Naruto fan!)


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  1. cool im a Naruto fan too!

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