Club Penguin Fullscreen – The ONLY Working Trainer

Hello Penguins!

For those of you wondering why no trainers work, it is because Club Penguin updated their .swf files. They do this because it makes CP run faster and they can add new, cool stuff. This is good and bad. It is good because Club Penguin runs faster, gets more games, etc. But it is bad because all of us who make trainers get set back. Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have the new URL to the load.swf! This means I can continue making trainers. Anyway, to keep you guys occupied until I finish Club Penguin Typhoon 8.0, here is Club Penguin Fullscreen. It is the ONLY working trainer on the internet currently, so if this appears on any other website other than please report it to here.

To download this trainer, click here.


33 Responses

  1. ooops! that answered my question

  2. yo kirby can i plz copy this to my site???

  3. pee random???

  4. You can repost it, yes. Thanks for asking permission!

  5. not the only working one!!! icpv3 has been working with normal cp servers and rooms!!!

  6. To continue making CP Private servers, I need the source code to that trainer. Please email me it, and the new Private Server will be out really soon

  7. Yeah I know the new load swf but I’m having trouble lol.

  8. All you have to do to get it to work is have a base ( and have NO INTERNETS open. This means firefox, IE, opera. etc.

  9. Hello 123kirby, I was wondering if you could please email me at with the new load code?

    I will give you full credit including a link to your site on any future programs i make for Club Penguin.

    All the best j0sh95

  10. No, they changed it.T

  11. You say… report it, but what about people who also create trainers like me… You should tell everyone if they see your version then report it. But anyway I have only started making trainers (Last year) and I have never been through a code change but have heard of them. Have they switched from AS2 to AS3? Please tell me lol. -Static ABC

  12. Report if its my version. I never said report any trainer. And no, the don’t switch as2 to as3 or as2 they recode, make new files, change urls.

  13. Can you please send me the new load file. My e-mail is If you send it to me, Ill put a link to your site in my future trainers and I will put a link to your site on my website!

  14. Yes, but I need the link of your site.

  15. The link of my site is I also have I might close blogger because I don’t have time to update it.

  16. So am I getting the link?

  17. Sorry, I haven’t been reading my comment threads lately. Yeah, I can send it.

  18. The links are on my site, I’m also creating widgets, so if you give me the link before tomorrow night, I will delete the links but if you give them after tomorrow night I’m gonna post them back. E-mail the link to or

  19. Its not working.

  20. New client coming soon – Keep checking back.

  21. Please e-mail me the link, thanks!

  22. What is the new code to load CP on a trainer?

  23. I downloaded it and it’s not working. Please tell why.
    Phinbellaboy /Phinbella86

  24. I will fix it soon.


  26. It doesnt work

  27. this trainer is going to be awesome

  28. plz tell me the code for cp then i will give you a toy code or a 1 year membership code

  29. What is the new load swf? Please tell me. I want to continue making trainers, but I can’t find the new load ANYWHERE! Please!

  30. it is not hacked

  31. Hi there friends, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this paragraph, in my view its actually awesome for me.

  32. hey guys can anyone tell me how to use this trainer to become a free member like in penguin storm 10 trainer

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