CP Typhoon 8.0 Release Date

Due to a Club Penguin Update, we were set back in the production of CP Typhoon. Club Penguin changed all the variables so it may take me up to a month to find them all again. I am planning on releasing 8.0 by Christmas (December 25) but I may be releasing it before as I am moving. I should have 8.0 out by December 1st, so hang on.

In the mean time,  earn some free Membership, Card Jitsu Codes, Toy Codes, and more here.


16 Responses

  1. what is the source code for cp now? i need it for my new vb6 trainer but because of the update i cannot make any trainers so if any variables and the source code is available please!!!

  2. Source code? You mean the load.swf?

    Sorry, I cannot tell you.

  3. All trainers are broke and dont think you can load it on a trainer now.

  4. I have the URL of the new file. I can if I wanted to, but I could.

  5. why? people would do anything for the load.swf and i am in desperate need for the code plus the load.swf is now rare!!!
    the only working trainer is now icpv3 which has been shut down so it is now penguin fullscreen

  6. Hey dude, could you send me the new load.swf? I could help you find the new codes!

  7. Also, it won’t let me view your site when I’m logged in because it keeps bringing me to the domain page. Do you know how to change that?

  8. @burley10 Yes. I have to change you to an editor temporarily.
    @cpcheatspopup I will give it to three people. Burley10. you, and 321olos.

  9. I wonder why clubpenguin is making this update….

  10. @Lake5 because cp found out about people making trainers and they made a fade in effect for your player card too so when they made that effect they had change the SWF.

  11. @123kirbycp
    send to clubpenguin2010-2012@hotmail.com

  12. Ok.

  13. i didn’t receive it. try again or try this address

  14. k yay it lets me go to ur site now and WOW 42,000 VIEWS!!!!!!!!! you should have a party!!!!!!and have u tried changing level0 to level1 that might work if u change it to that in the codes

  15. Nah, I tried it. It doesn’t work. And yeah, I should. I will have one in a few weeks when I get 50,000.

  16. I know the swf code. It is


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