New Better Igloo Catalog

The new Better Igloos catalog has been released!

Better Igloo Catalog Video Guide:

October 2010 Furniture Catalog Tutorial Guide:

Here’s a picture of the October 2010 Furniture Catalog for club penguins Halloween party!

october better igloo « Club Penguin Cheats

1. HD TV

-Click the bottom of the Perched Puffle Statue.

perched 300x200 « Club Penguin Cheats

HDtv 300x199 « Club Penguin Cheats

2. Pipe Organ

-Click a pearl on the Crystal Ball

crystal 300x201 « Club Penguin Cheats

pipe 300x201 « Club Penguin Cheats

2. Cauldron

-Click the “O” in Jack-O-Lanterns

O 300x201 « Club Penguin Cheats

cauldron 300x196 « Club Penguin Cheats

3. Creepy Cottage Cut-Out

-Click the center of the Plasma Ball

plasma 300x199 « Club Penguin Cheats

creepy 300x201 « Club Penguin Cheats

-Pengi Mike3-


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