CP Typhoon 7.3

If you are using Club Penguin Typhoon 7.0 or below, please re-download. I added a ton of new cheats in this version! As I said in a recent post, I added “Trainer Side” cheats, where people using Club Penguin Typhoon can see you cheating!

To download, click here.

What I added:

  • Bots (auto resizer, puffle feeder)
  • More interface cheats
  • All player become puffles
  • All player’s rings on/off
  • Member status (information)
  • Delete your penguin
  • And a lot more! (About 1000 lines of code worth!)

What I hope to add:

  • Advanced Money Maker
  • Coloured Names
  • All Players Size Edit
  • Remove Penguin By Playercard
  • More Bots
  • An auto-updater

Do you have a great idea to add to Club Penguin Typhoon? Comment anywhere on this site with your idea! You may see it added in the next version if your idea is really good. We WILL NOT except ANY comments in other languages or already in Club Penguin Typhoon 7.3.



17 Responses

  1. card jistsu code

  2. Hey Kirby, could you put me in your Credits or something? Because a lot of your new codes are from my trainer that I gave you so could you credit me for them?

  3. Yeah, I will put you in the credits in 8.0 (the next version)

  4. What do you mean by that? By adding a “Card Jitsu Code Generator” would be classified as hacking and stealing, therefore it would be very illegal.

  5. I found a runtime error.

    When I click “other player ID,” it comes up with this

    Runtime error

    Automation Error

    Unspecified Error.

    Seeing as I got that, does that mean I get some free codes, as you said so?


  6. That was Burley10 who said that, another one of the workers on this website. I will give you two of your choice in Club Penguin Typhoon 7.3 except bots because they are probably too advanced. I will have this fixed in 8.0! Please Email me with what cheats you want.

  7. what’s ur email?

  8. a good idea would be to add a code genorator

  9. Add a “flying” cheat

  10. how about a “walk on walls” cheat, a “follow bot” and “copy bot”

  11. Besides how you use the CP Typhoon its blank when i Run it

  12. Oh i got one…..How about Send A Message in Text

  13. penguin banner (you choose how long)

  14. CP blizzard is better because they already have the stuff U want. But unfortunatly its broken.

  15. Why don’t you give me credit!?!?!

  16. All i have when i open the it, is a grey screen? Please help!

  17. @G the last update to CP Typhoon was over a year ago, since then Disney updated club penguin engine to AS3. you can’t call variables, therefore rendering trainers useless.

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