Penguin Flash 1.2!

This is the newest update to the best Trainer around, Penguin Flash! It has many cool new features and I reduced the lines of code by a good couple thousand lines. It was all dead and non-working codes, so you aren’t losing any cheats! The full New Features List is below! Enjoy!

New Features!

  • Reduced the Lines of Coding by a ton! (Which will make loading times for the Program and CP much faster!)
  • Added Server Time to Information Menu
  • Can now turn Ring On/Off for Your Player, All Players and Playercard
  • You can now go to someones Igloo via their Playercard
  • You can now control someones Penguin via Playercard
  • I got rid of the Patched ID Breakout (Does the same thing as Hide Error)
  • Moved and Updated Music Player
  • I don’t always remember what I have changed! If you see anything new or changed I might have missed please leave a comment!



2 Responses

  1. Sweet Awsome trainer

  2. Thanks! I’m really glad you like it!

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