Penguin Flash Ideas!

Hey guys! It’s Burley10 here, and I need some new Ideas for my trainer, Penguin Flash! I am going to try and have a new version out every 2-3 weeks now, so I need to put as many Cheats as I can into it! Penguin Flash 1.2 will be coming out this Friday, and I have added plenty of new Cheats will you guys will enjoy!

Things that I can’t do:

  • Free Membership (Although, you can use the Be A Member button in Penguin Flash to become a “fake” Member!)
  • Free Coin Codes/Card Jitsu Codes etc.
  • As of right now I cannot do Stamps, but I am working on a way to put it in safely!

Things I hope to work on in the future:

  • A more organized Money Maker like Penguin Storm.
  • More Bots/ Bots without Message Boxes.
  • I want your suggestions!

I am very committed to Penguin Flash and making sure it has the most Cheats and is completely free of Errors! I am always willing to give some codes away or trade codes. Please leave a comment of something you want me to add! If you guys want to contact me about anything Trainer related, email me at

P.S. You remember that Contest I had to see who could find Errors? Well, that is now a permanent Contest! Whenever there is a new version of Penguin Flash, you will get 5 codes of your choice for every Runtime Error you find! Hurray!




8 Responses

  1. I have fake item detector now, and what do you mean by organized money maker?

  2. You mean Bait Item Detector? Yeah, I have that built in now. And what I mean is that not just clicking the Money Maker button and waiting, like actually clicking the amount you want, like Penguin Storm, and get that amount at a certain time.

  3. I can do that. I can make the form and send it to you tomorrow. I can make it go up to 5000 and then enter ammount if you want. Just say what you want me to do, I can send coding, form, etc,

  4. No, it’s ok. I know how to do it, I just don’t have the time. I will do it eventually. You should definitely make it for your Trainer though!

  5. Alright, if you ever need something just ask me.

  6. Burley10 u still havent sent me the codes u said u would on ur site im not logged in on here because im on my fone but just dont forget about me and 1 idea is ti try to fix the become a mod so u can actually ban or kick ppl because it doesnt work

  7. How you would ban or kick people is to program your trainer to respond when you click the buttons when you are moderator. It would be pretty easy, but you couldn’t ban people, only kick. I am testing this code so email me in a few days in you want it.

  8. add mod maker where you can ban plpl

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