Penguin Sun 3!

Yep Penguin Sun 3 is out!

This is a brilliant trainer, why don’t you give it a try?

Click Here To download this trainer!

until then,

Waddle On,

-Pengi Mike3-


9 Responses

  1. Cool Trainer! I was wondering if I could have some codes or we could trade codes. You have some that I really want and I bet I have some you want. If you want to talk email me at

  2. Yeah same you have some i really need if you could add me i would be happy to trade some of my codes to get them.
    Add me:

  3. how do use it it keeps saying error for whatever i do plzzzz help me

  4. my trainer isnt working just blank screen

  5. same here not working just a white screen HELP ME PLEASE!

  6. blank screen…help?

  7. it is just a blank screen, why does it do this?

  8. because its broken.

  9. How do i get the page to come up???

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