Club Penguin Flash 1.0!

At last, the greatest Trainer since Penguin Storm is here. Penguin Flash! It is my first Non-Beta Public Trainer I have ever had! It has so many cheats, and absolutely no Errors! But just in case,  I am having a contest! The first person to find a Runtime Error, and tell me how to reproduce it in the comments, will win 20 variables from my trainer of their choice! It’s a win – win! And for every error after that, you can get 5 codes everytime! Also, please tell me anything you Like, Don’t Like or any Bugs and Glitches! Have fun using my Trainer and looking for Errors!



9 Responses

  1. Hey – I sent you the advanced coding. You didn’t give me anything in return even though it was a trade.
    You need to send me the become a puffle code, because I already have the block ie popup code.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m really sorry I didn’t get back to you. I’ve just been really busy with my trainer and many other things. I have your flash.swf ready also. What do you think of Penguin Flash?

  3. Its pretty cool! And I made my own flash.swf, but its just experimental so go ahead and send it when your ready!

  4. yo kirby im using penguin flash on my computer and after awhile it say’s “Lost Connection” fix this bug!!!!!!!

  5. Actually, I made the Trainer. How did you get that? Are you sure it was my trainer? Connection Lost is almost always either a problem with Club Penguin or your Internet.

  6. Penguin Flash was made by burley10.

  7. mod igloo don’t work email me the codes

  8. Moderator Igloos worked for me. Did you extract it or did you remove Flash-1.swf from the folder? You must see BURLEY10CP.COM in the top left corner of the trainer for alot of cheats to work.

  9. it don’t work anymore

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