New EPF Command Room Movie!

Today along with the new EPF gear, Club Penguin released a new movie in the EPF room. Here is how to watch it: If you get ten penguins to sit around the big table, then the movie plays. In one part, it shows portals around Club Penguin. Do you think this is hinting a new EPF mission? Comment with your thoughts.

Also, there is another field op today. Here is the instructions:

Today, Club Penguin released their 11th Field Op! If you want to accept and complete your field op you need to first follow these simple steps provided:

  • Login Club Penguin.
  • Go to the Elite Penguin Force HQ.
  • Accept your Field Op.

  • The Field Op Mission says: “We’ve recieved information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause serious damage. Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We can’t take any chances”.
  • Accept your Elite Penguin Force Field Op.
  • Go to the Lighthouse
  • Waddle over to the Speaker

  • Complete the puzzle or challenge that is given to you.

To do so, over load the circuit by matching the shapes. For more information, view the image below.

Congratulations! You have completed the new Field Op! Check back next week for another Field Op and Instructions!


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