Many of you penguins are spreading out rumors saying that Rockhopper’s a ”bot”. This rumor might be true. And today, I found something that you penguins will enjoy to see and will change the way you think about Rockhopper:

Now that we’re through this, this picture has been taken from a Club Penguin file that has been sitting around for a long time. So, what does this script mean? So I guess, a long time ago all the Club Penguin characters were run by a script. It might not be used anymore, because you can talk to other penguins and almost always find Rockhopper. This doesn’t mean the script wasn’t used, it was used but a long time ago.

What do you think about this? – Do you think this was used in the past? Comment and let me know!


2 Responses

  1. Cool! And yes, i do. I asked the CP staff a while back if he was real and the said no. Back then he used to be on 24/7 the time he was on Club Penguin Island. Now he is only on during buisiness hours. Sometimes he is a bot though!

  2. lol yup i found that out 2

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