Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #10 Cheats

Club Penguin has released the tenth mission for our field ops and here is a complete guide with all the cheats for this week’s field ops.

Start off and approve your field ops mission at the Command Room. To do that, go to the field ops screen on the right.

We have a situation: Someone has tampered with the steamer in the Coffee Shop. It’s turned up to dangerous levels. Go there, and power up a new safety override for the steamer. You must hurry!

Go to the Coffee Shop and step by the Steamer on the right.

Your mission is like all the other puzzles. You have to use your power up source and power up all the units on the field.

This field op mission was probably the easiest from all the field ops missions that were released. The reason is because they just told us the location for the puzzle. What do you think?


12 Responses

  1. Wow, good post!

  2. Thanks! It was pretty easy to do.

  3. Like the new theme?

  4. Yea, it’s pretty cool. What’s up with the background though? You should change that I think. What do you think of my theme? You can use it if you want and edit too.

  5. Good point, i will. What should i set it as?

  6. Hey burley, how many days old is it penguin and eats it oldest pin? I have all the items it wearing except for the penguin band goodie and the blue sneaks.

  7. My penguin? He’s 1322 days old and his oldest Pin is the Candy Cane Pin.

  8. Kirby tell everyone to stop using trainers cuz soon the ppl who used your trainers will get their penguins banned so tell everyone to stop using your trainers

  9. Mines 1400 days old and its oldest is the ice cube. I was an idiot and didn’t get any before that…

  10. That Field Op Looks Hard Lol.Nice Job 123 Kirby Ill Try To Post More On This Site,Its Just That My Site Has Been Growing Alot Lately so Ive Been Focusing on it but ill get back to work

  11. I didn’t make this, burley10 did

  12. oh haha srry nice job burley 10 i get confused

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