Penguin Flames 4.0

There Is So Many New Features Including A Working MoneyMaker!!!! For The Download Click Here


14 Responses

  1. Do you think you could give me some credit in your trainer for giving you the flash.swf?

  2. i did read the credits

  3. oh sorry i forgot to read that.

  4. lol yup

  5. hey burley can u send me the files for penguin chat 3 thru email because i wanna edit it to makie it be JUST LIKE PENGUIN CHAT 3!!!! but the problem is i cant find the files anywhere on the web!!!
    Burley10: Yea sure. I may still work on it but maybe not so you will work on it mostly.

  6. I found some bugs:
    Puffle Feeder doesn’t work if you need help with that email me.
    Change the load code to

    P.S. If you want the auto-resize code email me for that too.

  7. i know the puffle feeder doesnt work and what is the autoresize code i havent heard of that and i cant change the file cause they keep corrupting but ill do that on my next trainer

  8. hey dude u still havent sent me the files for penguin chat

  9. Hey flames ill send em

  10. ok thx man

  11. u still havent sent them lol yall take forever
    Edit: I sent them

  12. Luke When I Try To Open Up The Town Swf It Says Cannot Open A Protected Movie
    123kirby: Im not luke, i just go on his account. And sorry then, you’ll need to find the swf yourself then.

  13. lol well that sucks i cant find the swf anywhere
    Heres a link:

  14. nevermind i dont need that link i got it working

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