Penguin Flash 1 (Beta)


This is a Beta Test of my latest and greatest Trainer Penguin Flash! This is an early build and there will be some edits but I just wanted to see what people thought about it before I put it out. It has many cheats and hacks that you can use. Tell me what you like or don’t like and of any bugs you see.

Known Bugs:

All Players Delete causes everyone to have no names.

To Be Added:

Auto Talker

Rainbow Puffle

Hard Coded Bait

Buy All Stamps At One Times

and more!

CLICK HERE! to Download (.ZIP)


20 Responses

  1. Anyone have anything to say?

  2. It works great. I Can trade my rarest codes with you if you want! (unless i gave them all)

  3. So no ones found any bugs? I guess thats good! Full Version will (hopefully) be out by next week!

  4. the edit items clientside doesnt work
    the buy items doesnt work
    The delete yourself button doesnt work
    The Show Migrator doesnt work
    The MoneyMakers Dont Work
    But Other Than The Stuff Above Your Trainer Is Great

  5. All those things aren’t working? Those are all connected to the Flash-1.swf. Did you extract the files? Flash-1.swf, Stamps.swf and Flash2.swf don’t work if it’s not extracted.

  6. oh that was the problem sorry im about to extract them and try it

  7. sorry that was my bad

  8. So everything is working for you?

  9. lol yup that was the problem sorry bout that i delete the comments about it not working

  10. It’s okay. I just want to make sure everything is working like it should so I can put it out fully soon..

  11. could you help me add swf to mine cause i dont know what to do do i just put the code in that i want that requires swf and then move the swf file to the same folder.Also if i do have to move it to the same folder do i have to convert the swf object into a FLA file

  12. Do you have your own Flash.swf? If you want I can make one for you with a watermark and everything and then give you the codes to work with it.

  13. no i dont have one but if u could make me a flash.swf i would be very thankful 😉

  14. Ok. Check your email. You’ll be happy 🙂

  15. THX ALOT!!!!! but check your email cause i got 1 question about it

  16. no i dont

  17. Please, answer why can’t you do stamp cheats. I will do anything so that you can put stamp cheat back. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  18. Home page doesnt work

  19. It doesnt work it just has a blank screen!

  20. yea why is it just a blank screen

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