Club Penguin Typhoon 5.3

5.3 is finally released! Download here.

What i changed:

Menu updates, and changed the logout to actually log you out.


7 Responses

  1. The Link doesn’t work. It just takes me to My Files.

  2. same for me fix the link if u can luke

  3. I got the link and I tried it out. JukeBox doesn’t work. Also, before every code, add On Error Resume Next. That fixes it so if you click a cheat before you login it won’t affect the trainer. Also, make the Trainer resizable then put this in a Timer:
    ShockwaveFlash1.height = ScaleHeight
    ShockwaveFlash1.width = ScaleWidth

  4. i have a folder with my trainer and my flash files how do i upload the whole folder to mediafire??

  5. whats the link???

  6. Im redoing it. The program is REALLY messed up. Im making 6.0 now.

  7. ohhh ok

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