i fixed it, sorry for the inconvenience.


6 Responses

  1. i can get it back up there

  2. Its fixed. If i find out who removed the banner, they are being removed from the site and NEVER being let back on, no matter what. I don’t joke around.

  3. I didn’t remove the banner but I did spruce up the sidebar a little bit with your Pin Tracker and links to your Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. I didn’t delete anything I just added and moved a few things to make it look better. If you don’t like it I can put it back the way it was.
    Edit: It looks great, but the pin tracker is broken. I lost the update file.

  4. crap now it wont even let me open it with vb6 i can open the file to play it but not to edit it this keeps happening to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    123kirby says…Email me more information.

  5. 123kirby which email do u want me to email u more info to

  6. either. they both come back to eacotger..

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