CP Typhoon 5.2

It got released early! Yay!
I added in this version: Town become migrator (works), and some other cheats. I added an icon of a typhoon!
CP typhoon has over 2,000 lines of code!
Also, you can download it in sidebar.


8 Responses

  1. Hey guys. Your trainer is really good, but I know of some things that I can do to help it alot. If you could send me the VB6 file, I can edit it and then send it to you so you can see if you like it. If you want I can create a watermark on the Flash.swf so it will show for example your website name like on Penguin Storm. I have alot of other codes so just send it to me. My new email is: burley10cp@gmail.com Also, if there is anything else you want or need me to work on anywhere on the site, just tell me because I can do alot.

    P.S. I have a banner for your trainer to put on the sidebar if you want.

  2. Burly 10 could u add some stuff to my trainer im an admin but i have a different trainer then clubpenguin typhoon so i need the moneymaker and rooms and stuff like that if u will fix mine up then comment and i will send u the file thru email

  3. Sure I’ll see what I can do with your Trainer. Email it to me at: burley10cp@gmail.com

  4. OK cool, do that. Ill send you the files soon.

  5. I’m working on it but why did you set it so you can’t change the size of the window? I have the code that keep it Club Penguin the same size as the window the whole time. Can you tell me how to stop that?

  6. Also, I was hoping in return you could do some work on my trainer too. Possibly how to make a list of rooms, games and music. Also to edit items client side. I think it’ll be a fair trade after you see what I do with it.
    123kirby says…Take whatever codes you want, but you need to know how to use them. Some are VERY complicated.

  7. Can you show me how to use some of them if I don’t understand them? For example, how do you make a label? I don’t see it as an option because I want to use the edit items client side.

  8. Check your email, i sent you a reply telling how

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