Order a Custom Trainer

Do you want a professional trainer? But you dont have the time or enough codes to make it? Well, coming soon to 123kirbycp.net, you can order a custom trainer! Shoot us an email to any of our employees saying what cheats you want, and we will give you a price. Rare codes like colour hack for gold, dark black ,and silver will be about .50 a piece, and we will add up all of this and send you a trainer! The trainer will be professionally made, and already compiled to .exe so you dont have to do any work! It will be updated if you want it to be for free.


9 Responses

  1. this is a very good idea Nice Job!!!

  2. Yea this looks like a good idea. If you guys need help I have lots of codes and am good with Flash.swf.

  3. umm i like the way your trainer is set up but most of the stuff doesnt work so can u make them all work on mine cause i dont want any that dont work

  4. Are you talking about mine? Because I have done alot of tests and everything should work (except all players size). Tell me what doesn’t work.

  5. Could you make a Mac trainer?
    I could make a windows one, and send you it. Then you would have to use maclinkplus to convert it, and then it would work.

  6. Could you make a Mac trainer that let’s you change the igloo music? And this is my valid email. Thanks

  7. Yeah, I will.
    Sorry guys, this is the last custom trainer i can make for a while!

  8. I

  9. I need a trainer named Sensei Penguin and email it to me socal_drafter@yahoo.com and the main feature is to become a masot server side but if you can only do client side ill take it and the mascots are Rockhopper,Cadence,Sensei,Penguin Band,Aunt Artic,Gary,Fire Sensei,and Fano

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