Okay in this contest there will be 3 pics and u have 3 chances to guess where these pics come from and the first person to get all 3 right will win An All New July 2010 Cp Password Finder!!!! EDIT: The winner is burley10 from Thank you all for entering!


9 Responses

  1. light, forest, night club?

  2. sorry wrong answer

  3. lighthouse,forest,and plaza

  4. sorry but that is incorrect

  5. lighthouse,forest,and pizza?

  6. 1.Beach

  7. Correct! Burley10 got the right answers, so 100flames will send yo0u the password finder! Ill tell him you won.

  8. ok i sent u the program burley 10 just check your email and there will be a link!!! nice job Please other visitors no more answers someone already got it right

  9. What email did you send it to? I have multiple ones and I don’t see it anywhere. Edit: Nevermind I found it! 🙂

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