CP Typhoon 5.1

CP Typhoon 5.1 is the best CP typhoon release yet! There are counless great cheats, and they all work. I am working on a save/load items code so that you can keep your items, but that will be available in the next version. Also, a sneak peek of 5.2:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/erty4oo3at4pnzf/CP Typhoon.zip

Rotate your player

Save/load items

Colour Hack (Gold, silver, dark black)

Puffle feeder (maybe)

And some other little cheats.

Once again, i had to recode the entire program because of corruption, but i fixed that problem now. I have the puffle feeder code, but vb hates it so when i put it in, it corrupts. We have had A TON of people asking for jobs lately, but none are active. At least 5 asked THIS WEEK. Please, if you ask for a job, be active in the 123kirbycp.net community OR YOU WILL BE DEACTIVATED!


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  1. okay i will get started asap

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