CP typhoon 4.3

Dang i gotta stop doing this!!!

Here is version 4.2 STABLE

Anotherwise, version 4.3. I added a jukebox so you can play your favorite music! I will be adding some more music soon. Any suggestions? It doesn’t even have to be Club Penguin! But, it has to be a .swf file uploaded to a web server! also, please keep it clean because smaller children use this program! Even though me and a lot of other are over 13, please keep it clean for the little ones! I updated the cheats in the secret page and the password. The cheats are pretty cool!!!  The only Unclean song that will be in the next version is Boulevard of Broken Dreams by greenday. If you are under 13, do not listen to this song without consent from your parents.

Download here


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