Trainer Updates

Okay, club penguin typhoon is getting pretty popular! i uploaded the file an hour or two ago and its already got like 20 downloads! But, i worked on coding, and got some new codes into CP typhoon! so geuss what? CP typhoon 1.5 is out! I didn’t really add much, so its not a major upgrade. I only added a log out function, and got rid of that weird internet popup. I know, it was annoying! If you have Vista or above, this trainer may not work! It will 99% of the time, but on a rare occasion it won’t. and, as always, the previous version is still available to download. It will be disabled to download (but will still function if already downloaded) with the next update!
Download Here


2 Responses

  1. asdfgvjhhnuytrdvuyyg6et

  2. what the heck?!?!
    everytime i try to download it, it says invalid or deleted file!!! whats going on!?!? and btw is this the newest version?

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