CP typhoon stable/ news

Hey guess what!? A Club Penguin wii game is coming out! Its called club penguin game day. It looks really fun! Are you going to buy it? I sure am!

Also, the first cp typhoon stable is coming out. It will have WAY more things to do. In the next version you will be able to hack items (old and new) and edit your player, become mods, visit mods and famous penguin igloos, and much more! Make some suggestions for me to put in. It should be coming out within the next week for i am still working on the coding. Check back soon!


One Response

  1. Wow! thats so cool

    I didn’t even know that Club Penguin was going to have a game

    As soon as it comes out in September, I’m going to buy a copy. It should be a lot of fun on the wii. I wonder what games they are putting into it and if it will have multi player.
    EDIT: i agree! I wonder too, but yes it will.

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