Catching up…i’m coming back/contest for RARE penguin!

hey guys. Rockhopper is back and with new items! I took a month long break from blogging. Anyway, im gonnna start blogging again. but the only problem is, i don’t have membership. Whoever sends me in a code can win this penguin, willydoob. It is around 1500+ days old and has almost every free item. Send codes to If i get more than one i will not use them and send them back.

Hello Penguins!

Looks like there are lots of you with your jackhammers helping down in the Mine. Some of you are saying that’s where you think Rockhopper’s missing puffle Yarr is. There’s also some talk that other puffles aren’t where they normally are. Where do you think they went?


There’s going to be more underground exploration happening near the end of the week. All of this stuff just might be connected to that new game we told you about… Make sure you keep your eyes on what’s happening down there!!

Where do you think Yarr is?


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